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  1. June’s Archive Release: Noam Chomsky on Arizona’s SB 1070 2.8

    June’s release is a show nearly a month old which features Professor Noam Chomsky speaking on the history of American neo-liberalism in Mexico and Central America, how it drives migrants to the United States and the role of immigrant scapegoating in diverting blame for workers’ economic hardships from the ruling class. Also, US is not leaving Iraq, the Rachel Corrie set off on its way to Gaza, and a Spanish court seeks the arrest of 13 CIA agents for illegal rendition.

    Noam Chomsky speaks at Brown University Fllmed by Robert Malin; additional camera Paul Hubbard That Iraq Withdrawal We Elected in 2008? by emptywheel Rachel Corey Solidarity ship sailed towards Gaza yesterday by Omar Ghraieb Arrest of 13 CIA Agents Sought in Spain

    Music: Back to Arizona – DJ John Blaze, Tajji Sharp, Yung Face, Mr. Miranda, Ocean, Da’aron Anthony, Atllas, Chino D, Nyhtee, Pennywise, Rich Rico, and Da Beast Rise Against – For What It’s Worth No One Is Illegal – David Rovics Afrodizz – Propaganda A Change Is Gonna Come – Lauryn Hill w/ The Fugees

    Original version broadcast on Thursday, May 15, 2010 8 PM EST on WXOJ-LP 103.3 FM Valley Free Radio Northampton, MA

    Program length: 57:09

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  2. Noam Chomsky: Philosophies of Language and Politics

    Noam Chomsky, Professor, Department of Linguistics and Philosophy, MIT

    Larry Bensky, Former National Affairs Correspondent, Pacifica Radio; Host, "Sunday Salon" KPFA; Professor at Stanford, California State University East Bay and Berkeley City College - Moderator

    World-renowned intellectual Chomsky has been pushing change in language, politics and culture for decades.

    This program was recorded in front of a live audience at the Commonwealth Club of California on October 6th, 2009.

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