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  1. BG 137: Artificial Wisdom

    We’re back again with Artificial Intelligence researcher and Zen-dabbler, Ben Gortzel. We continue our exploration of some of the major themes in his non-fiction story "Enlightenment 2.0". This precipitates a conversation about whether consciousness is a result of the mechanisms of the brain, or whether it is fundamental. And connected to that, what are the ethical implications of creating an artificial intelligence, if we do indeed see it as having BuddhaNature? Finally, Ben shares what he has discovered while exploring the notion of "artificial wisdom"—including what difference there is between intelligence and wisdom. He also talks about the seeming incompatibility between intense scientific thinking and enlightenment, and how that might be rectified by creating a more wise and intelligent super-mind. This is part 2 of a two-part series. Listen to part 1, Enlightenment 2.0.

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