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  1. Design Fiction: Props, Prototypes, Predicaments Communicating New Ideas

    From South By Southwest 2010.

    Design fiction is an approach to design that speculates about new ideas through prototyping and storytelling. The goal is to move away from the routine of lifeless scenarios-based thinking. We will share design fiction projects and discuss related techniques for design thinking, communication and exploration of near future concepts.

    • Julian Bleecker
    • Jake Dunagan
    • Sascha Pohflepp
    • Stuart Candy
    • Jennifer Leonard


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  2. Simple Steps to Great Web Design with Matthew Smith

    Creating beautiful web design is largely a matter of mastering a handful of simple techniques. The best designs employ systems of color, contrast, typography, and white space to achieve hierarchy, balance, and rhythm. The rest is just ingenuity and creativity. Matthew will review dozens of great and nearly great sites, explaining…

    From http://audio.sxsw.com/2010/podcasts/

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  3. SpoolCast: Introducing Interaction Design with Frameworks

    "… This week Robert Hoekman, Jr. joins us to discuss Design Frameworks. Drawn loosely from the idea of coding frameworks that software developers use to more efficiently build software, design frameworks are an aid to assembling a design." From http://www.uie.com/brainsparks/2009/04/09/spoolcast-introducing-interaction-design-with-frameworks/

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