A World to Die For: Tobias S. Buckell

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  1. Ep. 76 Data Journalist Matthew Mitchell – CodeNewbie

    When Matt Mitchell saw the news anchor mention his home country of Grenada, he sat up straight. But his excitement soon turned to confusion when this trusted tv newscaster mispronounced names and places in Grenada, and declared facts that conflicted with reports from his relatives back home. It made him think hard about where data comes from, who tells it, and how it can shift as it exchanges hands. That was the beginning of his passion for news and his work in data journalism. He tells us about his journey, what it’s like to work at the NY Times, and how he combines his love of code to his passion for the news.

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  2. Weep For Day: Indrapramit Das

    Weep For Day: Indrapramit Das

    India, M

    I was eight years old the first time I saw a real, living Nightmare. My parents took my brother and I on a trip from the City-of-Long-Shadows to the hills at Evening’s edge, where one of my father’s clients had a manse. Father was a railway contractor. He hired out labor and resources to the […]


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  3. The Colonel Says I Love You: Sergei Dovlatov

    The Colonel Says I Love You: Sergei Dovlatov

    Armenia, M -

    A Russian writer wakes in his apartment to find Lena, a Mongolian woman, who had been there the night before at a party, sleeping on his couch. She moves in with him without asking, doing all the chores a housewife would do. She’s absolutely calm, as if she’s always belonged there. At first, he’s puzzled by her actions, but she makes herself indispensable to him, and he becomes dependent on her.

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  4. The Petals Abide: Benjanun Sriduangkaew

    The Petals Abide: Benjanun Sriduangkaew

    Thailand, F

    In the womb-tank coded with thought and memory, Twoseret learned three things: that her life will be full of peace, that she will never die, and that she will know precisely one tragedy. These facts are absolute, untarnished by chance and impregnable to intervention. After that, petals started blooming in her mouth.

    They come at dawn at […]


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  5. Old Domes: JY Yang

    Old Domes: JY Yang

    Singapore, F

    Friday, midnight. A young woman pants in the field in front of the Old Supreme Court, doubled over, as though she has run a long way. She is covered in blood, and in her right hand glints a weapon.

    Her name is Jing-Li, and she is a cullmaster of buildings. Of embodiments of brick and stone, locations expressed in forms that humans can deal with, difficult to perceive and even worse to understand. But she does not need understanding to do her job[…]


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  6. Judo: Rasha Abbas

    Judo: Rasha Abbas

    Syria, F - 2017

    Judo, the sign says.

    From my seat on the bus I peered with interest into the space within. Nothing to suggest it was any good for all that the coach looked vaguely Asian. Truth be told, I wish I had the kind of features that would automatically qualify me to teach some skill. Easier than what I do now. When I met anyone I could proudly announce, “I teach dance.” Or something.


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  7. Communion: Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Communion: Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Sri Lanka, F

    It was smaller than he’d expected. Oh, the planet was large enough, but this so-famous university city, pride of the galaxy—it was barely bigger than the smallest of the tunnel-cities on the southern continent of the homeworld. Gaudier from space, of course, since most of the city was above-ground and brightly lit. But the city […]


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