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  1. Teaching Toddlers

    Teaching toddlers:

    This show goes over some basic problems that come up in teaching classes with 1-3 year olds: short attention spans, running around the room, eating your materials, high expectations of the parents and more. Each problem is addressed and a few ideas for dealing with each are discussed.

    More advice and focus is given to the actual planning and running of the classes:

    * language production and what to expect
    * handling zero production
    * eliciting language from this group
    * activities: what do they like
    * activities: what qualities do they like
    * vocabulary: how to introduce it
    * working with music and actions
    * play and explore vs. teaching at them
    * how to motivate them

    Quite a bit in this show and we hope some of it is helpful if it’s not all applicable.

    ESL Teacher Talk, http://www.eslteachertalk.com/2009/11/teaching-toddlers-2-3-year-olds/

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  2. Edutainment

    All about balancing educational goals and fun to learn English

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