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  1. nsmsn / Nick Simson

    Communication/web/graphic designer. Alive and at work in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA.

  2. hugh / Hugh Rundle

    Librarian and dilettante software developer from Melbourne, Australia.

  3. lbjay / Jay Luker

  4. trevormunoz / Trevor Munoz

  5. psd / Paul Downey

    Web guy who one day hopes to make sense of it all.

  6. denials / Dan Scott

    I’m a systems librarian. Have been using Linux since 1999, on the desktop as my 99% solution since 2…

  7. todrobbins / Tod Robbins

    I am a wizard.

  8. briansuda / Brian Suda

    The audio home of Brian Suda, a master informatician living in Iceland.

  9. adactio / Jeremy Keith

    An Irish web developer living in Brighton, England working with Clearleft. I built Huffduffer.