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  1. Casual Friday w/ Alex Pareene & David Feldman - MR Live - 9/25/20

    On today’s show: Trump booed at RBG remembrance at SCOTUS.

    Alex Pareene (@pareene) of the New Republic joins Sam to discuss the week’s biggest stories, including: Mitch McConnell and the GOP’s relentless — and potentially unstoppable — quest to capture the judicial branch for decades to come. The technically legal methods Trump and the GOP will use to steal the election. The Democratic Party’s uneasy relationship with its base.

    Comedian David Feldman (@DavidFeldman) joins Sam to discuss what campaign strategy the Democrats should pursue: promise nothing and don’t spook the voters. Everyone just needs to chill out, all right?

    On the fun half: Trump says political forces want to hold back the vaccine as a “political hit.” Trump again tells story when journalist Ali Velshi was hit with tear gas cannister. Rick Scott struggles through speech about how left is destroying American values. Florida AG shares office’s plan to investigate Bloomberg’s efforts to pay formerly incarcerated residents poll tax fees. Greg Gutfeld says felons shouldn’t be allowed to vote because they’re irredemable and stupid. Ben Shapiro defends Trump’s transition of power comments, Trump never thinks about the questions asked of him. Plus, your calls and IMs!

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  2. Design Notes: AI-Mediated Art

    BJ Best on collaborating with computers to create poetry, music, and visual art.

    Design Notes is a show about creative work and what it teaches us. Each episode, we speak with people from unique creative fields to discover what inspires and unites us in our practice. In this episode, Liam speaks with BJ Best, a poet who teaches computers to do what humans can’t. His ArtyBots are part of a vibrant scene of robots creating, sharing, and collaborating on virtual art. In the interview, Best describes the reflective opportunities and editorial impact of a bot-created body of work numbering in the tens of thousands. We always have the ability to create something beautiful in the face of whatever external pressures we might be up against.

    — BJ Best

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  3. What does it mean to be alive? Paul Nurse on defining ‘life’ | Science | The Guardian

    Is it possible to define the biological, chemical and physical functions that separate cells, plants and even humans from inanimate objects? In his new book, Paul Nurse, Nobel prize winner and director of the Francis Crick Institute, addresses a question that has long plagued both philosophers and scientists – what does it really mean to be alive? Speaking to Madeleine Finlay, Paul delves into why it’s important to understand the underlying principles of life, the role of science in society, and what life might look like on other planets


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  4. James Keane Interview Accordion Part 2 — The Blarney Pilgrims Podcast

    ‘Know when you’ve landed.’ A first trip to New York and painting the town with Joe Burke and friends. Bill Fuller’s ballroom empire, The Woodworm Hotel, and the John Barleycorn. Overcoming adversity and reaching some sort of contentment. Paul Brady, Michael D. Higgins and staying with the music.

    The tunes in this episode, recorded beautifully by Kate O’Connell:

    The Lament for the Battle of Aughrim

    The Stone in the Field, The Steeplechase and The Coolfada

    Jimmy Giblin’s, Throw It Across and The Humours of Tuama


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  5. N*gga Theory: Race, Language, Unequal Justice, & Law w/ Jody Armour - MR Live - 9/21/20

    On today’s show: 2016: Lindsay Graham “use my words against me” says he wouldn’t appoint a nominee so close to a general election. 2018: Graham reconfirms his statement that he won’t confirm a new SCOTUS nominee in an election year. Tweet: Graham says he changed his mind because Dems tried to block Kavanaugh.

    Sam hosts USC Law Professor Jody Armour (@niggatheory) to discuss his new book N*gga Theory: Race, Language, Unequal Justice, and the Law and the importance of eradicating anti-black bias in America. The class distinction masquerading as a moral distinction in black respectability politics. The destructive impact of these ideas on the fight for racial justice, particularly with regard to police and prisons. How Obama represents the limits of respectability politics. The need for our criminal justice system to move away from retribution and towards restoration and rehabilitation, even in cases of interpersonal violence.

    On the fun half: Nancy Pelosi offers very little other than “go vote” to save RBG seat from GOP Senate. Pelosi says Dems have arrows in their quiver to protect democracy… asked if she will use them Pelosi says “good morning” and that she’s not considering packing the court, wants Trump to “see the light.” Saturday: Biden appeal to GOP senators after RBG death: “please follow your conscience.” Stephanie Ruhle miffed that Biden is making his campaign “Scranton v. Park Ave.” Jimmy Dore says Dems are posturing over RBG death because they have approved other Trump judges. 2016 Jimmy and Sam on “the moon in Lake Michigan,” Sam points out the case of RBG. AOC says go vote and not here to cast moral judgement, voting for Biden is about democracy surviving. Jon Ossoff campaign supercut of 2016 David Purdue destroying 2020 David Purdue’s stance on confirming SCOTUS judges. Trump jokes about Bemidji Minnesota having a large refugee population. Plus, your calls and IMs!

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  6. A Brief History of Anti-Populism w/ Thomas Frank - MR Live - 9/15/20

    Donald Trump’s private thoughts on Covid from April 13 are a bit of a contrast from his public statment on April 17.

    Then Sam is joined by historian Thomas Frank to discuss his new book, “The People, No: A Brief History of Anti-Populism.” What is the American history of populism? Is it an attitude, a policy set, a campaign style?

    And on the fun half:

    Trump, Roger Stone, and Mark Levin really flexing election-stealing muscles. Steve Doocy valiantly defends press freedom. Trump thinks the forest fires may start cooling. Joe Biden calls Trump a climate arsonist, and Jared Kushner has purged the admin of “confident idiots.”

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  7. James Keane Interview (Accordion) — The Blarney Pilgrims Podcast

    The legend. A photo of a photo, pictures within pictures. Father’s shift work at Clondalkin paper mill and growing up in Drimnagh. Memories of those that are gone, embedded in the tunes, and bringing them back each time you play. Ceoltóirí Chualann, not letting on that you play the diddley-eye stuff and midnight gigs at the age of 11. ‘That quiet part of the world’ and the Dublin folk revival scene of the ’50s and ’60s. Thirteen gigs in the one night and remembering the McPeakes of Belfast.


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  8. Vanguard: How Black Women Broke Barriers and Won the Vote w/ Martha S. Jones - MR Live - 9/14/20

    On today’s show: Brian Kilmeade and Tom Cotton defend Trump’s handling of Covid: “What do you expect the president, who’s spent 50 years in business, to know about this pandemic that’s the first thing like it we’ve seen since 1918?”

    Sam is joined by Martha S. Jones (@marthasjones_), Professor of History at Johns Hopkins University, to discuss her new book, ‘Vanguard: How Black Women Broke Barriers, Won the Vote, and Insisted on Equality for All.’ While most people think that all women got the right to vote with the passage of the 19th amendment in 1920, this is not true; most black women were effectively barred from voting until many decades later. In this book, Jones traces the work of activists including Sojourner Truth, Jarena Lee, Fannie Lou Hamer, and more, to show how black women fought both racism and sexism to advocate for their rights at the ballot box and beyond.

    On the fun half: Trump with Judge Jeanine on Saturday, on federal forces’ killing of a purported antifa sympathizer who allegedly killed someone in Portland: “This guy was a violent criminal…there has to be retribution.” Trump further expounds on the killing at rally: “We sent in the US marshals, it was taken care of in 15 minutes.” Trump speculates re: Biden’s use of performances-enhancing drugs. Jake Tapper and Peter Navarro, White House Trade Advisor, argue about Trump’s public/private statements about Covid in February. Bernstein scolds Sam for criticizing Woodward at staged reading of “All the President’s Men.” Minot, ND Councilwoman Carrie Evans goes off on a homophobe at council meeting over displaying the rainbow flag. Joe Rogan whines about Nomiki saying Dave Rubin’s clip about human cloning is dumb, should be de-platformed. On Fox and Friends, TX Governor Abbott tells Steve Doocy how the state can fight local police defunding efforts. FBI Portland denies rumors that extremists are starting the fires. Jimmy Dore claims people who believe in Russiagate are as gullible and stupid as the Qanon people. Plus, your calls and IMs!

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