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  1. The Price of Peace: the Life of John Maynard Keynes w/ Zachary Carter - MR Live - 5/26/20

    Sam hosts HuffPost journalist Zachary Carter to discuss his new book, The Price of Peace: Money, Democracy, and the Life of John Maynard Keynes. Carter and Sam explore the life of Keynes and his role in developing the concept of Macroeconomics and the social implication of economics. Keynes’ thinking on how to deal with crises and emergencies during the Spanish Flu pandemic and WWI are particularly applicable to our current moment. Carter breaks down Keynes’ philosophy of “the good life” and why all could enjoy the finer things in life like art and leisure to the benefit of society writ large. Sam and Carter make a distinction in Keynes’s belief in who gets to regulate the macroeconomy. Keynes generally did not believe the proletariate was not the most effective way to deliver the good life to the masses; the government and its officials must provide material benefits to society. The two conclude their discussion considering the Keynes model of economics after his death and its perception contrasted with the neoliberal model promoted by Friedrich Hayek and Milton Friedman.

    And in the Fun Half: Birding while black, upcoming Democratic primaries, a voting rights victory in Florida courts, Obamagate sizzles out, Jimmy Dore’s unscientific response to shelter-in-place, states cooking infection data, plus your calls and IMs!

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  2. Why Is This Happening? with Chris Hayes - The Pandemic Behind Bars with Josie Duffy Rice

    How is the pandemic playing out in jails and prisons? Insufficient health care, a lack of protective gear, and the fundamental inability to physically distance have created inescapable outbreaks. Those incarcerated are at the center of some of the top coronavirus hot spots in the country. And as lawyer and president of The Appeal Josie Duffy Rice points out, these systems are porous; an outbreak in a jail could mean an outbreak in the community. So what can and should be done for the incarcerated populations? And what broader inequities are we seeing with the criminal justice system in the midst of this pandemic?  Listen to Josie Duffy Rice to find out.


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  3. The Blarney Pilgrims Traditional Irish Music Podcast Episode 51: Caity Brennan (Fiddle) - The Blarney Pilgrims Traditional Irish Music Podcast

    On growing up with traditional Irish music, on taking ownership, on finding festivals, on 92.7 Fresh Fm, on Austral and creating a dance party, and losing yourself at Woodford Folk Festival


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  4. Science Movie Club: ‘Contact’

    Yes, there actually are astronomers looking for intelligent life in space. The 1997 film adaptation of Carl Sagan’s ‘Contact’ got a lot of things right … and a few things wrong. Radio astronomer Summer Ash, an education specialist with the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, breaks down the science in the film.


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  5. Sergeant Stubby - Citation Needed [the podcast]

    This week’s episode contains a series of short, uplifting stories, including the story of Sergeant Stubby.

    Sergeant Stubby (1916 – March 16, 1926) was a dog and the official mascot of the 102nd Infantry Regiment (United States) and was assigned to the 26th (Yankee) Division in World War I. He served for 18 months and participated in 17 battles on the Western Front. He saved his regiment from surprise mustard gas attacks, found and comforted the wounded, and allegedly once caught a German soldier by the seat of his pants, holding him there until American soldiers found him. His actions were well-documented in contemporary American newspapers.


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  6. Krystal and Saagar: Swing state Dems ally with populists in shot across bow at Pelosi

    Krystal and Saagar discuss why swing district Democrats are teaming up with progressives to push a payroll measure that Pelosi blocked.

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  7. Krystal Ball: How cable news brainwashed liberals into abandoning their values

    Krystal Ball discusses the debate sparked by NYT media columnist Ben Smith’s column on Ronan Farrow and "Resistance Journalism."

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  8. Imp Kerr, Alone Together (The World vs. Covid-19)

    — Playlist:

    • Nine Inch Nails – Just Breathe

    • The Doors – End of the Night

    • Pat Metheny Group – To the End of the World

    • Tom Waits – Cinny’s Waltz

    • Bats in Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique and Rats in New York, New York Times Magazine, Sonic Voyages, Sept 21, 2018

    • Chauve-souris, étude éco-acoustique des chiroptères au CESCO, MNHN, La Méthode Scientifique, France Culture, Février 2020

    • Rachel Maddow Show, March 26, 2020

    • Emmanuel Macron, Adresse à la Nation, 16 mars 2020

    • Les Deschiens – Isolation

    • OSS 117: Le Caire, nid d’espions (2006)

    • Dikkenek (2006)

    • France Gall – Resiste

    • The Rachel Maddow Show, March 18, 2020

    • Scott Galloway, Pivot, March 24, 2020

    • Billie Holiday – Solitude

    • Mission Cléopâtre (2002)

    • Chet Baker – Alone Together

    • Dead Kennedys – Advice From Christmas Past / Government Flu

    • Skyrock – Bactéries

    • Brothers Johnson – Light Up the Night

    • Essie Jenkins – The 1919 Influenza Blues

    • PPDA, Journal de 20H, TF1, 17/03/1998


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  9. The Blarney Pilgrims Traditional Irish Music Podcast Episode 50: Ciaran Kelly (Accordion and Melodeon)

    Ciaran Kelly on accordions, melodeons, the push draw and The Pure Drop; Portrush sessions at the Harbour Bar, Ballycastle sessions at The House of McDonnell. The snug. Athlone. The borderlands of Fermanagh, Coleraine and Ceili House.


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  10. Krystal Ball: The hard truth about Bernie Sanders and why the Left is in despair

    Krystal Ball discusses the future of the progressive movement after Dem leadership’s repeated rejection of progressive provisions to coronavirus relief bills.

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