“Reframing for Radical Care” with Mary Jirmanus Saba - WEEK 1 of Feminist Future(s) Hackathon

The importance of care work has shot into popular consciousness amidst the Covid19 pandemic’s devastation. Our economies and communities run on this un- and under-paid labor such as housework, child-care, certain kinds of healthcare and education work, and so forth. Globally, care work is both racialized and historically naturalized as womxn’s work — and thus made invisible. But movements, new and old, have been pushing for a shift.

In the 1974 “Wages Against Housework” manifesto, Silvia Federici wrote “We want to call work what is work so that eventually we might rediscover what is love.” Today, mutual aid groups, and organizers of the international “feminist strike” have proposed that “radical care” - which identifies exploitation so as to refuse it - can be the basis for reshaping our worlds.

What does it mean, individually and collectively, to politicize care work? What are the possibilities of reframing our artistic and organizing practices around radical care?

About the Speaker

Mary Jirmanus Saba is a geographer who uses film and other media to explore unknown histories of the Arab world and beyond. Her feature debut A Feeling Greater Than Love won the FIPRESCI International Critics Prize at the 2017 Berlin International Film Festival Forum. Her new collaborative films work at the i…

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