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  1. Song Exploder and the Art of the Edit

    Hirway is fascinated by the art of editing. Through Song Exploder, his uniquely revealing music podcast, Hirway works with musicians – from Björk to U2, The National, Chet Faker, Courtney Barnett, Carly Rae Jepsen and Iggy Pop – to unpack their tracks piece by piece, exploring how their songs were edited into being.

    Hirway is the host of the podcast, but sees his role on Song Exploder as primarily that of an editor. In the process of building each episode, he works with each artist on their core concept and their choice of song – then, after recording, he edits meticulously to remove himself from the conversation, directing focus on the artist as they share how they brought their chosen song to life.

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  2. Song Exploder - Mitski

    Mitski has been making records since 2012. Her newest record, Puberty 2, came out in June 2016, and was critically acclaimed. Pitchfork gave it Best New Music status. Her music has been featured in the television show Adventure Time. In this episode, Mitski breaks down her song “Your Best American Girl,” along with her long-time collaborator Patrick Hyland.

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  3. Song Exploder 40: RAMIN DJAWADI (“Game of Thrones”)

    Song Exploder 40: RAMIN DJAWADI ("Game of Thrones")

    by Hrishikesh Hirway

    published on 2015/06/11 10:39:21 +0000

    A podcast where musicians take apart their songs, and piece by piece, tell the story of how they were made.

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  4. Longform : Episode 238: Hrishikesh Hirway

    Hrishikesh Hirway is the host of Song Exploder. “I love the idea that somebody would listen to an episode [of Song Exploder] and then the feeling that they would have afterwards is, ‘Now I want to make something.’ That’s the best possible reaction. Whether it’s music or not, just that idea: ‘I want to make something.’ Because that is the thing that I love most, getting that feeling.” Thanks to MailChimp and MeUndies for sponsoring this week’s episode. @HrishiHirway [00:00] Stoner [01:45] BBC’s Classic Albums [02:30] "Episode 80: Bojack Horseman" (Song Exploder • Aug 2016) [02:30] "Episode 95: Moonlight" (Song Exploder • Jan 2017) [09:15] Genius [09:30] Who Sampled [18:00] 99% Invisible [19:15] "Episode 42: U2" (Song Exploder • Jun 2015) [22:30] The One AM Radio [23:00] Moors [26:30] City Soundtracks [28:15] The West Wing Weekly [33:30] "Episode 111: Louis CK Part 1" (WTF with Marc Maron • Oct 2010) [38:45] "Episode 84: Peter Bjorn and John" (Song Exploder • Sep 2016) [44:45] Francis and the Lights

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  5. Song To The Siren by Salter Cane

    Salter Cane covering the Tim Buckley song that has previously been recorded by The Cocteau Twins performing as This Mortal Coil.

    Here’s a detailed analysis of the song:

    This version was recorded live in one take at Metway Studios in Brighton.

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  6. Song Exploder | Arcade Fire

    Arcade Fire is a Grammy­-winning six­-piece band originally from Montreal. They’ve released five albums, and the last three have all debuted at number one on the charts. In this episode, frontman Win Butler takes apart “Put Your Money On Me,” from their 2017 album Everything Now. You’ll hear the orignal demo, and an alternate version of the song that was never finished. The story begins when Win and his wife and bandmate Régine Chassange moved to New Orleans.

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  7. Magnatune Space Music Podcast 11.13.13


    Artist: Rildrim Song: 01-A Thousand Miles of Moonlight Later Album: Synthetic Dream 10:10 Artist: Ray Carl Daye Song: 01-Spectral Navigator Album: Spectral Navigator 23:18 Artist: Rildrim Song: 02-Electromagnetic Ripples Album: Synthetic Dream 32:14 Artist: Rapoon Song: 02-Our trespasses Album: Easterly 6 or 7 37:14 Artist: Ray Carl Daye Song: 01-Endless Departure Album: Rapid Ear Movement 41:31 Artist: Robert Rich Song: 01-Due Acque part 01 Album: Due Acque - Live Archive Vol 2 56:09 Artist: Kourosh Dini Song: 07-Reflections Of Sky Album: Calm 61:29 closing credits

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  8. The Wheeler Centre: Song Exploder and the Art of the Edit

    Join Song Exploder podcast producer Hrishikesh Hirway, with Miyuki Jokiranta, for a conversation about music, story, the art of the edit … and his top three most coveted musician-guests. (Plus: a whisper of West Wing Weekly, which Hirway also co-hosts.

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