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  1. Building out a managed Kubernetes service is a bigger job than you think - The Stack Overflow Podcast

    On this sponsored episode of the Stack Overflow podcast, Ben and Ryan talk with David Dymko and Walt Ribeiro of Vultr about what they went through to build their managed Kubernetes service as a cloud offering. It was a journey that ended not just with a managed K8s service, but also with a wealth of additional tooling, upgrades, and open sourcing.


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  2. PlayPlaying

    Listen to Foster A Learning Culture In Software Engineering To Overcome Learning Debt and fifty-eight more episodes by Software Engineering Unlocked, free! No signup or install needed. Improving Code Reviews with Github’s Copilot. Foster a learning culture in software engineering to overcome learning debt.


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  3. FIBER Reassemble Lab: A Future of Internets

    PUBLIC LECTURES | A FUTURE OF INTERNETS From Energy Literacy to Fossil-Free Imaginaries Thursday 10/3 | 7 – 10 PM CEST Lecture programme

    As a kick-off of FIBER’s Reassemble Lab ‘Natural Intelligence’, this public programme will invite artists, technologists, researchers and policy makers to reflect upon the possibilities of a fossil-free internet based on ecological ethics and regenerative principles.

    The immense possibilities of today’s internet services, data centres, artificial intelligence and rendered computer graphics have been made possible by a large supply of cheap energy sources: fossil fuels. The promises of yet another generation of artificial intelligence and the rise of the metaverse and NFT’s are unthinkable without the endless extraction and flow of fossil energy. Many are already talking about ‘data warming‘ as one of the strongly growing drivers of global warming.

    This event present makers and thinkers who explore alternative networks and work on desirable internet futures. Join us to get to know them.

    PROGRAMME 19:00 – Introduction | Jarl Schulp, Katía Truijen, Abdelrahman (Abdo) Hassan, Mick Jongeling 19:15 – Energy Literacy | Talk Marloes de Valk 19:35 – Fossil-Free Imaginaries | Talk Michelle Thorne 19:55 – Response + Q&A with Shayna Robinson & Abdelrahman (Abdo) Hassan 20…

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOppK1or6RY
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  4. The Political Economy of Solarpunk (with Andrew Dana Hudson)

    This is a conversation with speculative fiction writer and sustainability researcher Andrew Dana Hudson about the political dimensions of Solarpunk.

    Support: Patreon.com/firethesetimes Website: http://TheFireThisTi.Me Substack: https://thefirethesetimes.substack.com Twitter + Instagram @ firethesetimes

    His stories have appeared in Slate Future Tense, Lightspeed Magazine, Vice Terraform, MIT Technology Review, Grist, Little Blue Marble, The New Accelerator, StarShipSofa and more, as well as various books and anthologies. His fiction has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and longlisted for the BSFA. In 2016 his story “Sunshine State” won the first Everything Change Climate Fiction Contest, and in 2017 he was runner up in the Kaleidoscope Writing The Future Contest. His 2015 essay “On the Political Dimensions of Solarpunk” has helped define and grow the “solarpunk” subgenre. He is a member of the cursed 2020 class of the Clarion Workshop.

    Topics Discussed:

    • What is Solarpunk?
    • Introduction to his essay “On the Political Dimensions of Solarpunk“
    • The urgency of Solarpunk and the response to Cyberpunk
    • Post-normal fiction
    • Solarpunk and global network society: why did it start in the 2010s?
    • The importance of care work
    • Solarpunk and the future of cities
    • Solarpunk and utopias
    • Imagine 22…

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfvv-6Y-X9o
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  5. ‎The Trust Revolution: How the “Father of Modern Time” Helped Build the Internet on Apple Podcasts

    There are many components of trust throughout the internet, and most people don’t realize how far those layers of trust go back. The Trust Revolution looked backward to the internet’s early days and the development of the Network Time Protocol (NTP), invented by guest Dr. David Mills. Dr. Mills, a c…


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  6. Fireside Chats with AWVFTS Ft. Sharon Van Etten

    Welcome to the first edition of Fireside Chats with AWVFTS podcast.

    Borne during lockdown as the pandemic rendered us unemployed after a cancelled 2021 U.S Tour. With the stillness, we took the opportunity to speak to our friends, and various artists, about their hidden interests and secret careers that they rarely get to discuss.

    Our very first guest is musician Sharon Van Etten, who more recently tried her arm at stand-up comedy.

    We initially recorded this episode back in February just before the release of our latest record ‘Invisible Cities’. Adam was deep in Texas during ‘The Great Valentines Week Winter Storm 21’, that tore through the state causing a massive power outage, including an outage 5 minutes before we started recording with Sharon….. so expect technical issues, but we enjoyed talking to her regardless.

    Sharon: https://www.sharonvanetten.com/ Listen to Sharon: https://spoti.fi/31En5SX

    Subscribe: https://found.ee/AWVFTS-ys

    Follow A Winged Victory For The Sullen - Spotify: https://found.ee/AWVFTS-sp Apple Music: https://found.ee/AWVFTS-am Instagram: https://found.ee/AWVFTS-ig Facebook: https://found.ee/AWVFTS-fb Twitter: https://found.ee/AWVFTS-tw Youtube: https://found.ee/AWVFTS-yt Soundcloud: https://found.ee/AWVFTS-sc

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VoraVMHyenQ&t=127s
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  7. Speaker Series: Kit Walsh “A Practical Framework…to Combat Automated Injustice”

    Kit Walsh presents "A Practical Framework for Human Rights Advocates to Combat Automated Injustice" on October 13th, 2021.

    Abstract: Algorithmic decision making is more and more common, and both potential and actual harms are well-documented. In this session of the Just Infrastructures series, Kit Walsh (she/her) will present both how advocates are using existing legal frameworks to protect the rights of those subject to these systems, and a framework for understanding the impact of these systems in the different contexts where they can be deployed, to inform future policy efforts.

    Bio: Kit Walsh is a senior staff attorney at EFF, working on free speech, net neutrality, copyright, coders’ rights, and other issues that relate to freedom of expression and access to knowledge. She has worked for years to support the rights of political protesters, journalists, remix artists, and technologists to agitate for social change and to express themselves through their stories and ideas. Prior to joining EFF, Kit led the civil liberties and patent practice areas at the Cyberlaw Clinic, part of Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society, and previously Kit worked at the law firm of Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, litigating patent, trademark, and copyright cases in courts across the country.

    Kit holds a J.D….

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeoOTkm_v1A
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  8. Speaker Series: Fernanda Viégas + Martin Wattenberg “Ways of Understanding AI”

    Learn more at https://just-infras.illinois.edu/

    Artificial intelligence isn’t a single technology—it’s become a broad field, with applications to almost every area of life. As a result, we can’t view it with just a single lens. Instead, we should use every tool at our disposal. Yes, math and engineering are important, but design and even art are critical as well. Through a series of examples we will discuss multiple ways of knowing and understanding how AI works, and how using these different lenses together can broaden participation in the field of AI.

    Fernanda Viégas and Martin Wattenberg are computer scientists whose work in machine learning focuses on transparency and interpretability, as part of a broad agenda to improve human/AI interaction. They are also well-known for their contributions to social and collaborative data visualization. The systems they’ve created are used daily by millions of people.

    Viégas and Wattenberg co-founded the People+AI Research team (PAIR) at Google, where they hold positions as principal scientists. Wattenberg is a Gordon McKay Professor of Computer Science at Harvard; Viégas joins Harvard in January 2022 as a Gordon McKay Professor of Computer Science and as a Sally Starling Seaver Professor at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study. The duo is also known f…

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