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  1. Episode 15 (Hal Hickel)

    Today's guest, Hal Hickel, is an Animator Supervisor at Industrial Light & Magic, working on everything from The Phantom Menace (Boss Nass and the Droidekas) and Attack of the Clones (the Droid Factory and Battle of Geonosis) to Rogue One, helping to pioneer the incredible effects that brought Tarkin, Leia and K-2SO to the big screen.  Mr. Hickel has had a fascinating career, from Toy Story to Iron Man to his award winning work on Davy Jones and Pirates of the Caribbean. And we talk about it all, don't worry. For more behind-the-scenes stuff, as well as a link to some of our other in-depth interviews, check out: Website: Twitter: Instagram:

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  2. WIKIPEDIA: Obsessed Ep 219 with Josh Fruhlinger

    Writer, comedian, and defiant blogger, Josh Fruhlinger, shares his deep knowledge of Wikipedia! Editor Wars! Citations Needed! Jump on the information superhighway with us! Thanks as always to Molly Lewis for our music and Bryan Ward for our artwork!

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  3. 42: Lonely Pizza

    Recorded at the Cards Against Humanity podcast studio in Chicago, Alex Cox

    joins Truj and Brian! RX Bars, slam poetry, and, of course, shower dining

    are addressed before a deep dive into the wonderful world of Chicago food.

    Do Chicagoans actually eat deep dish pizza? Can you really get booze at

    Taco Bell? Seriously, it’s just a Burger King. Finally, your cohosts do an

    experiment to learn more about their genetic make up. Alex orders what she

    smells. Truj would like to address the rumors. Brian is outnumbered and

    will drop it.

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  4. 12: “Kicking the clock down the road”, with special guest Casey Liss

    Casey Liss joins John and Gui as the very first special guest on the show - to talk about going indie, CarPlay, and to analyze all of the new spelunking findings from the fifth beta of iOS 12.


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    Liss is More

    Swift by Sundell

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  5. Trump’s Lawyer Michael Cohen Says He Will Plead The Fifth Regarding Stormy Daniels : NPR

    President's Trump lawyer Michael Cohen says he will assert his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination in connection with a lawsuit filed by adult film star Stormy Daniels. NPR's Ailsa Chang speaks with Ken White, a former federal prosecutor who now works as a criminal defense attorney, about what it means to take the fifth.

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  6. Criminal | 420


    Episode #64

    2017-04-07 02:04:02


    The Colorado Department of Transportation says the 420 mile markers on the state’s highways were stolen so often, they had to replace them with 419.99 mile markers. Many people know that “420” represents marijuana – hence the popularity of the mile markers – but very few know why. It’s not a police code, it’s not the number of chemical compounds in cannabis, and it’s certainly not Bob Marley’s birthday. Today on the show, we try for the real story.

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