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  1. Genetically Modify Food – IQ2 Debates

    For Robert Fraley Executive VP & Chief Technology Officer, Monsanto Against Charles Benbrook Research Professor, Center for Sustaining Agriculture…


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  2. WOOL author Hugh Howey is a tech optimist: The O’Reilly Radar podcast - O’Reilly Radar

    Editor’s note: you can subscribe to the O’Reilly Radar Podcast through iTunes, SoundCloud, or directly through our podcast’s RSS feed. You can download this individual episode via this link….


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  3. Edward O. Wilson: The Social Conquest of Earth - The Long Now

    “History makes no sense without prehistory,“ Wilson declared, “and prehistory makes no sense without biology.” He began by noting that every religion has a different creation story, all of them necessarily based on ignorance of what really happened in the past. Religions thus can’t give valid answers on the meaning of life—-Gauguin’s questions: “Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?” Philosophy gave up on the questions long ago. The task was left to science, and from science a valid, shareable creation story is now emerging.


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  4. IT Conversations | Tech Nation | Don Tapscott

    Dr. Moira Gunn talks with author, Don Tapscott, about his new book, MacroWikinomics: Rebooting Business and the World. In it, he and his co-writer, Anthony Williams, illustrate how mass collaboration is changing the way businesses communicate, create value, and compete in the new global marketplace.


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  5. Science Friday Archives: Science Friday, 1993: The Future of the Internet

    In another holiday trip in the wayback machine, we bring you a 1993 discussion of some newfangled thing called the "Internet." That broadcast streamed live online, an unusual technology at the time. Carl Malamudand and Brewster Kahle joined the discussion.


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  6. Forum — A World of Ideas: Stereotypes and habits of mind.

    Provost of Columbia University Claude Steele reveals how our brains can be hindered by the power of stereotype threats and shows us what we can do to avoid them. Linguist Guy Deutscher explores how different quirks of our mother tongues, such as irregular genders, can create unique habits of mind. Hungarian writer Agnes Lehoczky uses poetry to create new geographies in our minds and suggests that it’s time to rehabilitate the notion of eavesdropping.


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  7. Back Off Man, I’m A Scientist: User Generated Discovery

    Broad access to vast amounts of raw data, along with evermore powerful tools, have given everyday people the ability to make significant contributions to scientific inquiry and enrich our understanding of the Universe. See how passionate amateurs are addressing the fundamental questions of our world.

    Jon Wiley Sr User Experience Designer, Google

    Kevin Schawinski Postdoctoral Assoc, Yale University

    Darlene Cavalier Founder, Science Cheerleader

    Matthew Shindell PhD Candidate, University of California San Diego

    From http://2009.sxsw.com/node/1694

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  8. The History of the Big Bang

    What is the Big Bang, who came up with idea and why do we believe in it? Simon Singh told the story of the Big Bang theory, from its birth in the 1920s to the observational evidence that backed it and then clinched it. As well as discovering the development of the Big Bang theory, Simon also discussed more generally how new scientific ideas are invented, developed and adopted, which included the partnership between theory and experiment and the role of personalities and politics.

    From http://www.gresham.ac.uk/event.asp?PageId=108&EventId=305

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