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  1. Lierre Keith: The Vegetarian Myth, How Agriculture Made Us Sick, and How to Save the World | Fat-Burning Man

    This week’s show is with one impressive woman, Lierre Keith. Lierre has been a highly requested guest for a while now. This show is going to show you exactly why.


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  2. Organically Grown and Genetically Engineered: The Food of the Future

    Pamela Ronald and Raoul Adamchak speaking at the Long Now Foundation’s seminars about long-term thinking.

    The cost of gene sequencing and engineering is dropping rapidly (toward $70 a genome), and our knowledge about how food crops function genetically is growing just as rapidly. That accelerating capability offers a path toward truly sustainable agriculture on a global scale.


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  3. Skeptoid: Organic vs. Conventional Agriculture

    From http://skeptoid.com/

    Skeptoid takes a second look at organic agriculture. Supporters claim that modern agriculture is neither safer nor more productive; and that virtually the entire world population has been poisoned by the "toxic chemicals" it requires. What are these toxic chemicals? What effect have they had on consumers? And, more importantly, are modern organics any different at all?

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  4. Michael Pollan, “Deep Agriculture”

    The benefit of a reformed food system, besides better food, better environment and less climate shock, is better health and the savings of trillions of dollars. Four out of five chronic diseases are diet-related. Three quarters of medical spending goes to preventable chronic disease. Pollan says we cannot have a healthy population, without a healthy diet. The news is that we are learning that we cannot have a healthy diet without a healthy agriculture. And right now, farming is sick…


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