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  1. 132 - Sepp Holzer’s Permaculture Chapter 2 Part 4 - Homesteading and Permaculture by Paul Wheaton

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    Paul Wheaton and Kelda Miller continue reviewing Sepp Holzer’s Permaculture Chapter 2. They talk about creatively building markets, rather than doing what everybody else is. They also talk about turning problems into solutions. They talk about soil fertility and the polyculture approach in which nature lets you know what does well where. They talk about soil freezing, and how Sepp is proud when the soil biology is still active in the wintertime. Sepp lists good green manure crops. They talk about the concept of putting things to bed in winter. They talk about hemp and stinging nettles, and stabilizing slopes with deep rooted plants. They discuss terracing, and the pros and cons of farming in valleys with their floods. Kelda talks about trying to sell locally. Paul wants her to label her produce as petroleum free and polyculture 3. They talk about jerusalem artichokes as fodder.Discussing the podcast.

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  2. Carbon Farming with Eric Toensmeier - Permaculture Realized Podcast

     Eric Toensmeier is the award-winning author of the books Perennial Vegetables and Paradise Lot and Carbon Farming. He was also the co-author to Dave Jacke from episode 14 on the two volume set Edible Forest Gardens. Eric has a brand new book about to come out about Carbon Farming and the strategies that agriculture can use to sequester CO2 to help mitigate climate change.

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  3. The Duke of Permaculture - @paulwheaton

    Paul is the Duke of Permaculture, the Bad Boy of Permaculture and the host of THe Homestead and Permaculture Podcast. He is the owner of,, and He also has a great YouTube subscribe and review.

    On this episode I discuss with Paul his back story and how he made the transition of software engineering to permaculture. Paul and I also complain about skype, vimeo and other free service sites.

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  4. Darren J. Doherty on master plans, Keyline design, carbon farming, dung beetles, and much else (e17) - Making Permaculture Stronger

    In this episode you get to be a fly on the wall during a farm consultancy conducted by renowned farm planner and Regrarian Darren J. Doherty. I’m sure I don’t need to spell out the resonance between Darren’s comments about why he no longer does master plans and the current Making Permaculture Stronger inquiry (where…

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