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  1. Building Soil Health by Dr. Elaine Ingham (PVP096) | Permaculture Voices.

    Podcast: Play in new window | Download “Mother nature abhors bare soil.”Dr. Elaine Ingham  

        Key Takeaways: Organic matter holds 10 times its weight in water. Bacterial secretions provide a glue to help hold soil together. 80% of inorganic fertilizers leach out of soil. Look at perennial deep rooted, short plants as cover crops that put more bio-mass in the ground via roots versus above ground bio-mass. Rainfall can compact bare soil.  Keep bare soil surfaces covered.  One option is a biological cover that feeds the microbial soil life.     http://www.permaculturevoices.com/podcast/building-soil-health-by-dr-elaine-ingham-pvp096/

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  2. Genetically Modify Food – IQ2 Debates

    For Robert Fraley Executive VP & Chief Technology Officer, Monsanto Against Charles Benbrook Research Professor, Center for Sustaining Agriculture…


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  3. WOOL author Hugh Howey is a tech optimist: The O’Reilly Radar podcast - O’Reilly Radar

    Editor's note: you can subscribe to the O'Reilly Radar Podcast through iTunes, SoundCloud, or directly through our podcast's RSS feed. You can download this individual episode via this link….


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  4. Baltimore’s Water Wheel Keeps On Turning, Pulling In Tons Of Trash : NPR

    It looks like a cross between an old grain mill, a covered wagon and a spaceship: a giant, solar-powered wheel that sucks in bags, bottles and other detritus from Baltimore's Inner Harbor.


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  5. The Last Lighthouse Keeper : NPR

    Radio Diaries and All Things Considered continue a multi-part radio tribute to jobs that are slowly disappearing, celebrating people who keep alive an older way of life. This week, a profile of the last of a lonely breed — Frank Schubert, the only civilian lighthouse keeper in America.


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