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  1. Techgrumps 47: ..And we’re recording

    We’re back… with a new look/sounding techgrumps. Can’t you just hear the pain of Monday evenings in the recording?

    We have this time Ian, David and Tom

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  2. TechGrumps 24.5: Its all about Bandwidth

    Contains opinions about various tech issues. Contains foul language. Contains unfocused waffle. Contains nuts.

    - Hacking Android
    - The Open Web
    - Jimmy Wales on Wikipedia
    - *Sexy Librarians*
    - Email is dead? Says Jack Dorsey…
    - Print Journalism just give up?
    - Justin Bieber and Bieber.ly
    - Google does WebM and the HTML5 world explodes (codecs are dead)
    - The Personality of the site vs the actual site
    - Geeks talk sexy part 2, although we’re not on part 4!
    - Informational systems for travelers

    Featuring Nic Ferrier, Abizer Nasir, Ian Forrester, Tom Morris, David Eastman and Cristiano Betta.

    —Huffduffed by eastmad