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  1. TechGrumps 37: Less to Say than Will and Kate

    Techgrumps 37, with regular’s Ian Forrester, David Eastman, Nic Ferrier, Tom Morris plus Jas Dhaliwal and new guest Oliver Keyes

    36+1 = 37
    Tom and Eastman eat there hat over Google+
    Rattling Facebook’s Cage
    The Japanese lady on a train syndrome
    Goatse circles
    Tom Morris slash files for the latest and greatest
    Fighting back at Simply Red
    Crosswords can be very fun
    Phone hacking the aftermath
    Do you engage or do you go around them?
    Trained killers take out developers, early adopters and hackers, its coming soon
    Hacking the dead and everyone is outraged
    Open Rights Group, let them do your very worst…
    Universal? Plug & Play? really?
    Ian really likes Inception
    Take the coffee and disappear forever
    Super large scale e-ink
    He said melons
    Shock horror… Twitter is evil
    Are you listening?
    Can I you be evil? No you don’t have the right forms signed
    You understand this isn’t just for the kids right?
    Monetize before everything else
    You can run but you can’t hide from Nic
    Fisher price phones and others are also available
    Pat sharp attack
    But does it play Anger Birds?
    This is why we have a British podcast
    And now for the Rimshot…
    Interested in humanoids of the heterosexual female kind
    Techgrumps the live premium phone number version

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