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    Techgrumps is back finally… We’re back for a new year with just Ian Forrester and David Eastman talking about…


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  2. Techgrumps 67b: Techgrumps through a Prism

    Prism/GCHQ http://www.reddit.com/r/unitedkingdom/comments/1gwhsn/for_spiegel_tempora_is_front_page_news_apart_from/caoj21x http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2013/jun/23/mi5-feared-gchq-went-too-far http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/fbi-arrests-two-men-accused-of-plotting-to-kill-barack-obama-with-homemade-xray-weapon-8667553.html This story has has maker culture, Death Rays, the President, the KKK, the FBI – what more do you want? and “coincidently” was exposed this week (see 1.) More dating News from Ian as he talks about Channel4′s mating season Microsoft back down over xboxone? Nathan’s Half Life Payment Idea Reddit with rules Kickstarter rape manual? http://fedorasofokc.tumblr.com/ http://fedorasofokc.tumblr.com/post/48708838547/okcgoldmine-via-illusion-o-a-man-of-many San Francisco Google bus and assorted nonsense

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  3. Techgrumps 66: THE CLOUD IS THE ANSWER

    This time we have Tom Morris, David Eastman and Ian Forrester forming the old guard, with the new semi regular Natalia Buckley and returning guest Andy Piper.

    This episode is also known as the hiding porn inside Vine inside YAML inside XML inside a RubyGem. Just make sure your RubyGem’s have the good validation otherwise don’t be surprised to find your porn owned… Surely thats p0wn’ed?

    Topics for today…

    • Why does registration have to be so difficult?
    • Security has grabbed the agenda; Rails, gems and now Twitter
    • Antigua’s Legal Pirate Island
    • BitTorrent Launches Private and Secure Dropbox Alternative
    • Eyefull of porn when using Vine

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  4. Techgrumps 65: HNY 2013 LOL

    The techgrumps are now using Google Hangouts.

    This time we have David Eastman and Ian Forrester forming the old guard, with semi regular Alan O’Donohoe and Maria Aretoulaki and Special Guest Kate Russell from BBC Click.

    Topics include,

    Ubuntu everywhere (including your phone) and is Mark the new Steve?
    Windows update killed my laptop (Ubuntu to the rescue)
    Elite and Kickstarter,, they made the target and who else is deeply involved?
    Mostly Harmless
    HNY! well FU then!

    Enjoy and be grumpy

    If you would like to be involved in Techgrumps in the future, follow the hashtag #techgrumps on Twitter and look out for the call outs.

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  5. We met through the Apple app store

    This time we have regulars Ian Forrester and David Eastman. With guests Nathan Rae and Alan O’Donohoe.

    Topics include ACTA, Apples announcement, Dating profiles and other related subjects… This episode will have Cristiano splitting blood :)

    Be very grumpy!

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  6. Techgrumps 53: SOPA? I’d rather it was a SOFA

    This time we have regulars Ian Forrester, David Eastman, Tom Morris. Back again is Kate Norman who had to lie down half way through. And were happy to have new guests Hadley Beeman and the Kevin Marks. Yes we snatched him back from Twit for just a while.

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  7. Techgrumps 47: ..And we’re recording

    We’re back… with a new look/sounding techgrumps. Can’t you just hear the pain of Monday evenings in the recording?

    We have this time Ian, David and Tom

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  8. TechGrumps 37: Less to Say than Will and Kate

    Techgrumps 37, with regular’s Ian Forrester, David Eastman, Nic Ferrier, Tom Morris plus Jas Dhaliwal and new guest Oliver Keyes

    36+1 = 37
    Tom and Eastman eat there hat over Google+
    Rattling Facebook’s Cage
    The Japanese lady on a train syndrome
    Goatse circles
    Tom Morris slash files for the latest and greatest
    Fighting back at Simply Red
    Crosswords can be very fun
    Phone hacking the aftermath
    Do you engage or do you go around them?
    Trained killers take out developers, early adopters and hackers, its coming soon
    Hacking the dead and everyone is outraged
    Open Rights Group, let them do your very worst…
    Universal? Plug & Play? really?
    Ian really likes Inception
    Take the coffee and disappear forever
    Super large scale e-ink
    He said melons
    Shock horror… Twitter is evil
    Are you listening?
    Can I you be evil? No you don’t have the right forms signed
    You understand this isn’t just for the kids right?
    Monetize before everything else
    You can run but you can’t hide from Nic
    Fisher price phones and others are also available
    Pat sharp attack
    But does it play Anger Birds?
    This is why we have a British podcast
    And now for the Rimshot…
    Interested in humanoids of the heterosexual female kind
    Techgrumps the live premium phone number version

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  9. Techgrumps 34: Get rich or die mining

    A little on WWDC, E3, Unity vs Gnome3, but a big bit on Bitcoin, banking and why.

    June 12, 2011 Ian Forrester, David Eastman, Cristiano Betta, Kevin Prince and Tim Dobson And the show notes… late as ever…

    Great start to the show
    Steve’s not dead…
    Copying the copy
    What is WWDC?
    Donuts and Space shuttles sponsored by Dunk’in Donuts
    Welcome to the cyclotron
    Lion to Unity to Gnome 3
    Loads of money and machines
    The super secure dyslexic OS
    The world is going to end, and we really need a new currency
    Condom as currency
    Time for a run on the virtual bank?
    A trip down Silk Row
    I bought some services from a man once
    Wii on the floor but please do it in the corner
    Talking to ET in your living room
    Sony says its very very very very sorry
    Come get some…
    Bus 6 is where?
    Flog your warez here… Hackdays vs Hackcamps
    New and improved East coast

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  10. Techgrumps 30: Is Graham Norton Gay or Gay?

    This episode of Techgrumps includes Ian Forrester, David Eastman and Tom Morris.

    With special guests for this episode being Abizer Nasir, Maria Aretoulaki and first time on the show Iris Todorovic.

    Its worth pointing out that this show was recorded late at night and required quite a bit of restarting due to Skype fails. With a nifty bit of editing in audacity, you shouldn’t be able to identify the moments of fail. Here’s the show notes as such…

    Introduction to everyone
    Can Ian say anyones last name?
    BBC’s Apprentice ep2 what a joke…
    A new side concept TV
    I don’t own a TV?
    Market research, really?
    Creditability concerns
    VBA for mobile phone development
    What aspect of Woman did you want to talk about?
    The game is up
    Real woman are not afraid of pascal
    Bacon radio…Hummmm bacon
    Welcome to alcoholics anonymous
    Manchester has just been banned from WikiMedia
    Doing a yahoo…
    Tom puts his foot in his mouth
    Who wouldn’t invite Maria and Iris?
    Being outgeeked by a bookworm
    Silicon milk taste sweet for some
    Shoreditch is lost?
    Shilling for BT
    Where were all the daft webstartups?
    The Future of everything
    Analyzing this…
    We won, or at least some of us won
    If there was gay measuring equipment, he would be off the scale
    I need your undivided attention…
    The gravitational effect sliced with a citation
    Next steps for open data, forming the questions
    Help me Anthea, I’m infested
    High fives…

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