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  1. PJ Vogt — The Wheeler Centre

    PJ Vogt (Reply All) shot to podcasting fame last year. But behind his recent success, Vogt has been deeply involved with the craft of storytelling – and some of its most celebrated institutions.

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  2. The Moth | Podcast | John DeVore & Clementine Ford

    A man tells us about the last lesson his father taught him and a young woman learns that her mother is facing a deadly illness.

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  3. Teju Cole: A “Seething Intelligence” on a Long Journey

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  4. TYF! #15: Eisner-nominated cartoonist Julia Wertz

    TYF! returns this week with an interview with Julia Wertz, whose graphic novel, “The Infinite Wait & Other Stories,” has been nominated for a Will Eisner Award for Best Reality-Based Work.

    We talk to Julia about her process, her hobby of exploring abandoned buildings, why she continues to turn down big money opportunities in exchange for artistic freedom, and we solve a mystery live on-air.

    Plus, Adam Wade tells us a story about how Rick Moranis has impacted his life in both positive and negative ways, and we spend another Moment with Stacey Nightmare.

    All that and Liam explains where we’ve been for the last two weeks.

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  5. Pat Grant / Make it then tell everybody

    Pat Grant and Dan Berry talk about academic writing, Pat’s creative process, his background and about comics storytelling that leaves the page.

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  6. Learning to Make Radio with theTransom Story Workshop

    The Transom story workshops train people from around the globe in the craft of radio. We hear examples of the stories the students have found, with Mindy Todd and guests on The Point: Jay Alison, Radio Producer and founder of, Rob Rosenthal, Transom Story Workshop’s Lead Instructor and Sarah Reynolds Associate Instructor.

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  7. Marina Warner: Monstrous Mothers

    This year’s Reith lecturer is the Booker prize-nominated author Marina Warner. A writer of fiction, criticism and history, her works include novels and short stories as well as studies of art, myths, symbols, and fairytales. Her series of Reith Lectures, entitled ‘Managing Monsters’, explores how myths express and shape our attitudes.

    In the first of six lectures, Marina Warner examines the role of the bad mother in myth. From Medea to Jurassic Park, she looks at how the ‘she-monster’ has been depicted in fiction and the effect of those myths on society today.

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  8. It’€™s complicated | Radio Netherlands Worldwide

    The State We’re In, 12 February 2011. A young British man poses as his lover’s long-lost son to keep the affair a secret; a Canadian woman stages a public fight with her boyfriend as a way of protesting Valentine’s Day, Parsi singles try speed dating to shore up their ever-shrinking numbers and a Dutch photographer puts an ad in newspapers around the world for "the world’s most beautiful people" to come forward.

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  9. Back Fence PDX Radio — Episode 104 Part 3 — John Roderick

    John Roderick’s lifelong battle with his getting his mouth and teeth in line.

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  10. Maira Kalman, the illustrated woman

    Author and illustrator Maira Kalman talks about her life and work, from her covers for The New Yorker to her books for children and grown-ups. She is as wonderful, as wise and as deliciously off-kilter in person as she is on paper.

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