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  1. The Frame | How artist Lisa Hanawalt designed the ‘wonky’ world of ‘BoJack Horseman’ | 89.3 KPCC

    The most popular horse/human hybrid on Netflix is back with a second season — which dropped on July 17 if you’re looking for something to binge at the moment.  

    Will Arnett voices the titular Horseman, a Hollywood has-been struggling to regain some semblance of celebrity. This season, BoJack starts filming his starring role in a Secretariat biopic, while fighting off the demons from his past.

    The whimsical world where humans and animals coexist (and often co-mingle) comes directly from the mind of production designer Lisa Hanawalt. It’s a world she’s drawn since she was a horse-obsessed little kid.

    The new characters for season two come to life in the hands of Hanawalt and are molded through her own methods and imagination. 

    "I start by reading the scripts and then making notes on the characters that seem like the most fun to draw," Hanawalt says. "Then I leave all the side characters for last. I talk to Raphael [Bob-Waksberg], the creator, about what he envisioned for the characters. We’ve known each other a long time."

    Hanawalt stopped by The Frame recently to talk about her process for designing characters, her past as a pet portrait artist, and gender in animation.

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  2. Lisa Hanawalt | The Comics Journal

    Lisa Hanawalt, creator of I Want You, talks about comics, performance, and drawing at parties.

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