Scotland’s future: Brexit Means… podcast | Politics | The Guardian

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  1. Britain votes for Brexit – Politics Weekly podcast | Politics | The Guardian

    Tom Clark is joined by Heather Stewart, Matthew D’Ancona, Hugh Muir and Jennifer Rankin to discuss this momentous day in British politics

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  2. What does Germany want from Brexit? Brexit Means … podcast | Politics | The Guardian

    This week, we discuss Germany in the second of our occasional series on how different EU27 countries view Brexit – what they make of Britain’s decision to leave and why, how they are responding, and what they want from a final deal

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  3. SNP win historic third term - Politics Weekly podcast | Politics | The Guardian

    Severin Carrell, Anne Perkins and Martin Kettle join Tom Clark to discuss national election results in Wales and Scotland and local election results in England

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  4. James Meek · The Two Jacobs: The Faragist Future · LRB 1 August 2019

    We find ourselves in a fantastical place: deep in the mire of post-Brexit politics before Brexit has happened. Brexit used to be about leaving the European Union. The contest for the Tory leadership, just drawing to a close as I write, has been a glaring signal that quitting the EU may not . . .

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  5. Cameron’s EU deal and Trump loses Iowa – Politics Weekly podcast | Politics | The Guardian

    Alberto Nardelli, Anne Perkins and Rafael Behr join Hugh Muir to discuss David Cameron’s proposed deal with the EU; plus Dan Roberts reports from the Iowa caucuses which saw early wins for Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton

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  6. You Must Learn the Lessons of Brexit Or Lose (Pt. 1) | Nigel Farage | INTERNATIONAL | Rubin Report

    Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Nigel Farage, former Brexit leader, about what Republicans need to learn from the Brexit fight, how to seize on the weaknesses of the Democratic Party, and the problems that Europe is having with mail in voting. In this clip Nigel talks about how the victory of the Brexit vote was almost lost as the political establishment did everything it could to reverse the vote. He discusses what event inspired him to lead UKIP in the fight to get the UK to leave the European Union. He also discusses how the push for globalism revealed itself in UK politics. He also discusses what the Republican Party needs to learn from the Brexit fight to have a comeback in the 2022 election.

    Watch Dave Rubin’s FULL INTERVIEW with NIGEL FARAGE here:

    What is the current state of the international political economy? Is US foreign policy damaging international politics? We are more aware than ever of international news stories and the effect of our foreign affairs, but do we truly understand the perspectives of our global neighbors? Listen to a variety of international perspectives on a wide array of topics concerning world news and get to know how your global neighbors think with …

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  7. Boris Johnson’s Brexit cabinet – podcast | News | The Guardian

    Jonathan Freedland talks about Boris Johnson’s brutal cabinet reshuffle which brings the members of the victorious Brexit campaign into the heart of government. And: Laura Snapes on the nominations for the Mercury music prize

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