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  1. One hour to escape: the race to get out of a Gaza tower before an Israeli airstrike | News | The Guardian

    A warning call told residents of al-Jalaa apartment block that their homes were about to be destroyed. This is the story of the frantic evacuation that followed – told through recordings made by the people who lived there


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  2. The Plymouth attack and misogynist ‘incel’ culture – podcast | News | The Guardian

    The man who killed five people in south-west England last week was part of a hateful online community of men who blame women for their status as ‘involuntary celibates’. Did that contribute to his violence – and does the incel movement radicalise some of the young men who are part of it?


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  3. Environment as financial investment - Big Ideas - ABC Radio National

    The finance industry is turning away from investing in fossil fuels, consumers are forcing businesses to create more sustainable supply chains and preserving nature is being rewarded with cash incentives. Big Ideas explores how the nature of financial investment is changing to better reflect the ecosystem of the planet we live on, and how investing in nature can underpin sustainable and inclusive economic growth.


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  4. Cautionary Tales – Wrong Tools Cost Lives | Tim Harford

    Microsoft Excel is great for business accounts… but maybe don’t use it to track a deadly disease. The British Government promised to create a "world-beating" system to track deadly Covid 19 infections - but it included an outdated version of the off-the-shelf spreadsheet software Microsoft Excel. The result was disastrous. When under pressure or lacking…


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  5. Cautionary Tales Ep 3 – LaLa Land: Galileo’s Warning | Tim Harford

    Galileo tried to teach us that when we add more and more layers to a system intended to avert disaster, those layers of complexity may eventually be what causes the catastrophe. His basic lesson has been ignored in nuclear power plants, financial markets and at the Oscars…all resulting in chaos. Featuring: Archie Panjabi, Mircea Monroe,…


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