Contrepreneurs: The Mikkelsen Twins

Clickbait Title: I'm here to teach you about an unmissable business opportunity!

Thank you to Savy over at Savy Writes Books for helping out with this video -

Emma Thorne - The Mikkelsen Twins' "Publishing Life" Scam? -

I spared everyone the part of the story where I got COVID and spent months recovering. A Skeptic's Guide to Hypnosis is available for you to read for free, the hitch is that it's been distributed to Patreon subscribers who have permission to hand out as many copies as they want.

Written and performed by Dan Olson

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00:00:00 Preface 00:05:03 GRIFTMAP 00:22:19 SAUSAGE FACTORY 00:34:12 I WROTE A BOOK 00:45:39 LET'S GET SOME CHARTS 01:01:11 SAVY WRITES BOOKS 01:11:00 LET'S WRAP THIS UP

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