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  1. Strategic interaction design

    Interaction design is often focused at the interface between a person and a system in the form of a series of request-response actions. But interaction design can be positioned at the strategic level when the interaction designer looks at the transition between interactions & touchpoints; and the aggregate effect of these interactions on the overall service experience.

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  2. Sonic Interaction Design

    Sonic interaction designers create sounds that convey information and feedback to us, such as the distinctive tapping of your touch screen keypad. Karmen Franinovic explains the challenges of this kind of design, and discusses her particular research: sonic interaction design for physical rehabilitation, such as for people re-learning how to walk.

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  3. Web Directions South: August de los Reyes - Predicting the past

    A new inflection point in human-computer interaction is upon us. Along with other technologies, Microsoft Surface marks a departure from graphical user interface or GUI into the world of Natural User Interface or NUI. This talk begins with discussion of emotional design and its importance in the future of society. The lens shifts to how one design team is thinking about designing for a new era in which emotional intent and intuitive interaction are the imperative. Using theoretical models drawn from a mix of history, science, philosophy, and even video game design, this presentation reveals principles behind experience design for Microsoft Surface and beyond.

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  4. SpoolCast: Introducing Interaction Design with Frameworks

    "… This week Robert Hoekman, Jr. joins us to discuss Design Frameworks. Drawn loosely from the idea of coding frameworks that software developers use to more efficiently build software, design frameworks are an aid to assembling a design." From http://www.uie.com/brainsparks/2009/04/09/spoolcast-introducing-interaction-design-with-frameworks/

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  5. Rahul Sen — Interaction Design Bauhaus

    My session focuses on what I call — ‘The Interaction Design Bauhaus’. It discusses this growing minimalist, ‘form follows data’ trend in UX and compares it to historical phenomenon that occurred in the early 1900’s in the form of the industrial design Bauhaus movement.


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  6. SpoolCast: The History of Interaction with Bill Verplank

    A fascinating discussion with Bill Verplank about the early days of of interaction design.

    His discussion of the three paradigms of interaction design (computer as intelligence/brain, computer as person/life, computer as agent) is superb.

    From http://www.uie.com/brainsparks/2008/09/02/spoolcast-the-history-of-interaction-with-bill-verplank/

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  7. Marc Stickdorn – Service Design Thinking » UIE Brain Sparks

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  8. Design Critique: Products for People

    Encouraging useful and usable designs for a better customer experience. /


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  9. Comics & Interaction Design — Icono-o-Cast Podcast (Lunar)

    At LUNAR, we’ve been applying the compelling storytelling techniques from comics in our interaction design work. In this episode, LUNAR interaction designers Gretchen Anderson and Ron Goldin talk about how comics can be a powerful and surprising tool in the design of complex products and experiences.


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  10. Adactio: Articles—Paranormal Interactivity

    A presentation on interaction design from An Event Apart 2010.

    Interaction is the secret sauce of the web. Understanding interaction is key to understanding the web as its own medium—it’s not print, it’s not television, and it’s certainly not the desktop.


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