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  1. Lights Out: A Sense Of Quietness 3/3

    Documentary adventures that encourage you to take a closer listen. This episode follows a line of connection through four women across two referendums to explore the unexpected consequences of talking about abortion.

    Starting on live television at a beauty pageant, we hear from a journalist, a radio producer, the founder of a woman’s clinic and a woman travelling from Ireland to the UK - and discover the quiet power and hidden dangers of speech itself.

    Featuring the voices of Brianna Parkins, Siobhan McHugh and Anne Connolly. With additional recordings courtesy of Zoë Comyns and Regan Hutchins

    First broadcast 26th November 2018, BBC Radio 4 Produced by Eleanor McDowall

    Original video: https://soundcloud.com/fallingtreeproductions/lights-out-a-sense-of-quietness
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  2. Death in Illinois Prisons: He Didn’t Have a Death Sentence, But That’s What He Got

    For the last year, Shannon Heffernan has been trying to figure out how and why people in Illinois prisons are dying.

    She found that the state wasn’t keeping basic records. This meant that not only the public, but sometimes also the families of prisoners couldn’t learn even the simplest details about how their loved one died. This story focuses on two deaths in a single family, showing the emotional strain families feel when they can’t learn about their loved one’s death and the extreme medical negligence and violation of basic rights happening in the prison medical system.

    Death In Illinois Prisons: He Didn’t Have a Death Sentence, But That’s What He Got was produced by Shannon Heffernan and edited by Rob Wildeboer for WBEZ.

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  3. Mardi Gras is a State of Mind

    A homosexual reflection on an effort to release ourselves from misshapen containers.

    This story is about the ritual drug-induced shape shifting of Mardi Gras, and an attempt to shift via testosterone with a friend. What does it mean to be a lesbian separatist who might also be a man?

    Mardi Gras is a State of Mind was produced by Mara Lazer, with editors and catalysts Ari Mejia, NK, and Phoebe Unter.

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  4. No Feeling Is Final

    Usually when we talk about suicide we say those four magic words: "Just ask for help." But Honor Eastly knows it’s not that simple.

    Usually when we talk about suicide we say those four magic words: "Just ask for help." But Honor Eastly knows it’s not that simple. She’s been there and back, and now has years of phone recordings and diary entries, from the inside. These recordings form the basis of this podcast, No Feeling Is Final , a show for anyone who’s ever wondered if life is worth living. And for anyone trying to better understand their friend, partner, or kid, who’s wrestled with these feelings themselves. At times heartbreaking and desperate but also darkly funny and charming, No Feeling Is Final is a story of difference, identity, and why we should stay alive.

    No Feeling Is Final was written by Honor Eastly, with executive producer Joel Werner, producer Alice Moldovan, writer Graham Panther, and sound engineer Russell Stapleton. Created at ABC Audio Studios under the guidance of Managing Editor, Kellie Riordan.

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  5. This Is Not A Drill

    An emotional dive into the personal impact of the false missile alert that was sent out across Hawaii.

    On January 13th, 2018 at exactly 8:07am, a text message was sent out. It read “Ballistic missile threat inbound to Hawaii. Seek immediate shelter. This is not a drill.” In the following 38 minutes, residents and visitors of Hawaii were flung into a state of emergency. From panic and fear to acceptance and joy, Snap Judgment explores the emotional impact of people confronting death and nuclear disaster.

    This Is Not A Drill was produced by Jazmín Aguilera and edited by Anna Sussman for Snap Judgment from WNYC, with co-producers John Fecile, Erika Lantz, Nancy López, and Eliza Smith; sound designer Pat Mesiti-Miller; editor Mark Ristich; executive producer Glynn Washington.

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  6. The Return

    Javier Zamora was born in El Salvador and his grandparents still live there. But visiting them didn’t feel like the home he once knew.

    Javier Zamora is an award-winning Salvadoran poet based in California. He published his book Unaccompanied in 2017 about his journey (with a coyote) at the age of nine to reunite with his parents in the US. In June 2018, Javier had no choice but to return to El Salvador for the first time in almost 20 years, since leaving as a child. Javier’s TPS, or Temporary Protected Status, that allowed him to live and work in the US was suddenly under threat of being revoked by the Trump administration. And so he returned in an attempt to apply for a new visa, without a guarantee that he would be able to come back to his life in the US.

    The Return was produced by Sayre Quevedo, with editors Marlon Bishop and Sophia Paliza-Carre for NPR’s Latino USA .

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  7. Punks

    Once upon a time, Kai Wright saw a movie called Punks. A romantic comedy about black gay men, it was like nothing he’d ever seen before. But then it disappeared.

    Once upon a time, Kai Wright saw a movie called Punks. A romantic comedy about black gay men, it was like nothing he’d ever seen before. But then it disappeared.

    Punks was produced by Kathy Tu, co-produced by Tobin Low and Matt Collette, sound designed by Jeremy Bloom, edited by Jenny Lawton, and executive produced by Paula Szuchman for Nancy from WNYC Studios.

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  8. Change Intolerance

    In 2014, the province of British Columbia switched nearly 15,000 methadone patients to a new formulation of the drug called Methadose.

    Garth Mullins and Laura Shaver investigate what happened after the switch in Change Intolerance.

    This story is the second episode of Crackdown, a podcast about the drug war, covered by drug users as war correspondents. Each episode tells the story of a community fighting for their lives. The host, Garth Mullins, is a former injection heroin user and is now on methadone and the podcast is led by an editorial board made up of some of Vancouver’s most experienced drug user activists.

    Change Intolerance was produced by Sam Fenn and Garth Mullins, co-produced by Lisa Hale, Alexander Kim, and Ryan McNeil for the podcast Crackdown, with editorial support from Laura Shaver and Chereece Keewatin.

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  9. The Case of Majella Moynihan

    In 1985, an unnamed female Garda was threatened with dismissal from An Garda Síochána. Following an internal Garda investigation, she was charged with having pre-marital sex with another Recruit Garda, and for having given birth to a baby outside of marraige. Majella Moynihan has remained silent for the past 34 years - until now. (2019)

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  10. Mighty Mac - Prix Europa Winner 2009

    This doc won Best Radio Documentary in Europe in 2009. One of our all time great listens - this story has everything. Limerick man, Ger MacNamara is master upholsterer and world champion power lifter, and we join him as he embarks on two challenges. (2009)

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