Ben Calhoun

Ben Calhoun is a producer at This American Life.

"The nature of covering politics is one where often people don’t want to say to you the things that they are feeling or thinking. … You can create the diorama of that action in a way that you couldn’t if you weren’t willing to make them a character — founded on things they’ve said and beliefs you know they have — than they’ve done for you on tape."

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Calhoun’s This American Life archive

[4:58] "When Worlds Collide" (This American Life • Aug 1997)

[18:23] “Jesse Jackson Jr. Sparks Group Hug in Denver” (WBEZ • Aug 2008)

[20:18] “Patriot Games” (This American Life • Oct 2010)

[29:18] “War of Northern Aggression” (This American Life • Jun 2011)

[32:45] “Dead Ringer” (This American Life • Sep 2010)

[38:54] “Harper High School, Part One” (This American Life • Feb 2013)

[38:54] “Harper High School, Part Two” (This American Life • Feb 2013)

[45:30] “The Right Man for the Job” (This American Life • May 2013)


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