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  1. Beth Newell & Sarah Pappalardo, Reductress - XOXO Festival (2018)

    Beth Newell and Sarah Pappalardo are the creators of Reductress, the first and only satirical women’s magazine, brilliantly skewering condescending and outdated popular tropes in women’s media with cutting humor, including a pilot for Comedy Central.

    Reductress: http://reductress.com/

    Follow Beth Newell on Twitter: https://twitter.com/bethnew

    Follow Sarah Pappalardo on Twitter: https://twitter.com/yourpappalardo

    Recorded in September 2018 at XOXO, an experimental festival in Portland, Oregon for independent artists and creators who work on the internet. For more, visit https://xoxofest.com.

    Intro music: "standingroomonly" by Samarei. https://samarei.bandcamp.com/

    Video production by brytCAST Video thumbnail by Dan Hawk Photography Captions by White Coat Captioning

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DcycQRplJRg&t=0s&list=PLCbA9r6ecYWVwo9f5Ro_JuKEBwS8kugzP&index=6
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  2. Where Jonathan Haidt thinks the American mind went wrong

    Jonathan Haidt is a psychologist at New York University and the co-founder of Heterodox University. His book The Righteous Mind, which describes the different moral frameworks that animate the left and the right, was a key influence on my work. But these days, Haidt is worried about something new.

    "Teen anxiety, depression, and suicide rates have risen sharply in the last few years," he writes in The Coddling of the American Mind, co-authored with Greg Lukianoff. "The culture on many college campuses has become more ideologically uniform, compromising the ability of scholars to seek truth, and of students to learn from a broad range of thinkers."

    The kids, in other words, aren’t all right. Haidt sees a generation warped by overparenting and smartphones and flirting with illiberalism. He worries over a culture of "safetyism" that confuses disagreement with violence. He sees political correctness on campus as a threat not just to speakers’ incomes, but to students’ psyches.

    I often find myself a skeptic in this conversation. The panic over campus activism seems overblown to me. It’s suffused with bad-faith efforts to nationalize isolated examples of college kids behaving badly in order to discredit serious critiques of social injustice. But that’s why I wanted to have Haidt on the show: If anyone could convince me I’m wrong about this, it’d be him.

    Recommended Books:

    Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

    How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

    The Authoritarian Dynamic by Karen Stenner


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  3. Draymond Green vs. KD, Embiid for MVP, and the Rise of Podcasts With Malcolm Gladwell and Chris Ryan - The Ringer

    Bill Simmons is joined by Chris Ryan to talk about the Kevin Durant–Draymond Green argument, the rise of the Clippers, and Jimmy Butler’s new team (2:50) before sitting down with Malcolm Gladwell to discuss his “grand unified theory of ethnic basketball,” Gladwell’s new music podcast with Rick Rubin called Broken Record, and more (31:45).

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  4. Conan O’Brien Plus KD Drama and Brees for MVP - The Ringer

    Bill Simmons revisits the KD–Draymond Green argument, gives some NFL picks, and makes the case for Drew Brees for MVP (1:55) before he is joined by late-night legend Conan O’Brien to talk archaic television formats, talk-show icons, SNL’s golden age, Red Sox vs. Dodgers fans, and Conan’s new podcast, Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend, premiering November 19 (24:15).

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  5. Jay Rosen is pessimistic about the media. So am I.

    This is a tough conversation. It was a tough one to hold, and it’s a tough one to publish.

    I’m a journalist. I’ve been a journalist for 15 years. I believe in journalism. But right now, I’m worried we’re failing. I’m worried we’re making American politics worse, not better.

    That’s not because we’re not doing remarkable, courageous, heroic work. It’s not because we’re fake news or biased hacks. Look at the #MeToo movement, the investigations of Donald Trump’s finances, the remarkable reporting that journalists do every day from war zones and Ebola outbreaks and authoritarian regimes.

    It’s because everything around us has changed — our business models, the way people read us, the way we compete with each other, the way we’re manipulated — and we’re getting played, particularly in political reporting and commentary, by the outrage merchants and con artists and trolls and polarizers who understand this new world better.

    President Trump is the most successful media hacker out there, but he’s not the only one. They’re using us as tools to fracture American democracy, and I don’t think we know how to stop them.

    Jay Rosen is a professor of journalism at New York University and the founder of PressThink. He’s one of our sharpest, clearest critics and interpreters. I asked him on the show to help me think through what’s wrong in the press, and what I’m doing wrong in my own work.

    Recommended books:

    Deciding What’s News by Herbert Gans

    Democracy in America by Alexis de Tocqueville

    Exit, Voice, and Loyalty by Albert O. Hirschman

    Making Democracy Work by Robert Putnam

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  6. Hound Tall #47: Medical Ethics | Nerdist

    Every hospital in the country has a professional ethicist on staff to help with decision making so high stakes, it requires a philosopher to figure out the


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  7. A Hardcore Conversation With Dan Carlin

    Join us for a live stream with Dan Carlin, speaking at the the first ever Sound Education Podcasting Conference at Harvard University.


    Dan Carlin, host of of the two popular podcasts, Common Sense, and Hardcore History, will talk about his award-winning podcasts and his experience talking online about issues from foreign policy, free speech, education reform and civil liberties.

    WGBH Forum Network ~ Free online lectures: Explore a world of ideas

    Like us: http://facebook.com/wgbhforum

    Tweet with us: http://twitter.com/ForumNetwork

    See our complete archive here: http://forum-network.org

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  8. NYT’s Sulzberger: We need to help good journalism | CITIZEN by CNN

    New York Times publisher A.G. Sulzberger talks to CNN’s Brian Stelter at the CITIZEN by CNN forum about the need to foster a healthy system for journalism and the challenges facing the industry.

    CITIZEN by CNN is a day long political forum convening thought leaders and newsmakers to foster thoughtful dialogue and lively debate about the critical issues facing the American electorate ahead of 2018 midterm elections and beyond.

    #nytimes #citizencnn #stelter

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5y4Wl-U9VoE
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  9. Syrjäytyneiden miesten ahdinko – Jaakko Keso

    Ylilaudalla toivottiin, että käsittelisin videollani nuorten miesten syrjäytymistä. Tässä pyrin puheenaiheistamaan teemaa ja avaamaan syrjäytymisen juurisyitä.

    Video on osa Sekasin-kampanjaa.

    Seuraa Kioskin tube-kanavia: 👉Kioski: https://www.youtube.com/ylekioski 👉Journal: https://www.youtube.com/ylekioskijournal 👉All X Panel: https://www.youtube.com/allxpanel 👉Gaming: https://www.youtube.com/ylekioskigaming 👉Life: https://www.youtube.com/ylekioskilife 👉Food: https://www.youtube.com/ylekioskifood

    Seuraa Kioskia Instagramissa: 👉Kioski: https://www.instagram.com/ylekioski/ 👉Tiede: https://www.instagram.com/ylekioskitiede/ 👉Gaming: https://www.instagram.com/ylekioskigaming/ 👉Life: https://www.instagram.com/ylekioskilife/ 👉Food: https://www.instagram.com/ylekioskifood/

    Seuraa Kioskia Facebookissa: http://facebook.com/ylekioski

    Ja löydä vielä lisää videoita Yle Areenasta: https://areena.yle.fi/tv/ohjelmat/kioski

    Musiikki: Epidemicsound

    Video- ja kuvalähteet: Yle Arkisto Oma arkisto Gettyimages

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gz8rrRiow6g
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  10. Sotakuvaaja Niklas Meltio: “Sota on helvetin tylsää” | Puheen Aamu | Radio | Areena | yle.fi

    Palkittu sotakuvaaja Niklas Meltio on kuvannut Syyrian ja Irakin sisällissotia viiden vuoden ajan, aina niin kutsutun arabikevään noususta saakka. Meltion tuorein dokumentti Kaksi askelta kuolemaan seuraa kurdisotilaita etulinjassa Pohjois-Irakissa viime lokakuussa. Joukot ovat valtaamassa Bashiqan kaupunkia takaisin Isisiltä.

    Kuvillaan ja dokumenttielokuvillaan Meltio on pyrkinyt murtamaan sotiin liitettyä sankarimyyttiä.

    • Sota on paljon odottamista ja sitten tapahtuu yllättäen jotain. Usein se on lyhyttä mitä tapahtuu, Meltio kertoo.

    • Kukaan ei halua (taistelukentällä) olla, eikä kukaan ole sielä sankaritekoja tekemässä, vaan siellä on ihmisiä pakosta tekemässä sitä, mitä heidän täytyy tehdä. Hyvin likaista toimintaa sota on.

    Meltion mukaan Isis ei ole enää se suurin haaste Pohjois-Irakissa, vaan se, mitä tapahtuu terroristijärjestön kaatumisen jälkeen.

    Niklas Meltiota haastattelee Puheen Aamun Jani Kortti.

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