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  1. Things You Should Never, Ever Do in a Hotel

    Do you take a bath? Raid the mini-bar? Work in the lobby? Get your towels replaced every day? Use the hotel safe? As usual, our editors have lots of opinions, and duke it out over hotel do's and don'ts in this week's episode.

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  2. A little bit of news!

    For the past year, Alex has been plagued by an iPhone notification sound that constantly reminds him of the Beach Boys song “Sloop John B.” He goes on a journey to find out why — and he discovers that he’s not alone.Links:YouTube: "NYC Subway Plays West Side Story" “Somewhere" from West Side StoryYouTube: Seat Belt Sign SoundRob Bridget's WebsiteMusic:“Sloop John B” by the Beach Boys“Sympathy for the Devil" by the Rolling Stones“Somewhere In My Memory" by John Williams


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  3. Surprisingly Awesome

    The FactsSurprisingly Awesome’s theme music is “How We Do” by Nicholas Britell. Our ad music is by Build Buildings.  Original music in this episode was composed by Trouble Books, and Nick DePrey and Louis Weeks.This episode was edited by Annie-Rose Strasser, and produced by Rachel Ward and Kalila Holt.  Isabel Angell, Jacob Cruz, Emma Jacobs and Robyn Wholey provided production assistance.Special thanks to Karla Webb at the Bienenstock Furniture Library, Peter McCarthy at the University of South Wales, Sandy Jap at Emory University, author of Partnering with the Frenemy, Dave Perry at FurnitureToday, and Kevin Purdy at The Sweethome.SponsorsFordSquarespace]]>


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  4. Rabbi Daniel Lapin: Business Secrets From the Bible

    One of our favorite guests, best-selling author Rabbi Daniel Lapin, discusses a new way to view and approach success with practical, simple strategies based upon key concepts from the Bible. Plus, we’re talking with Rory Vaden for his insight on procrastination. So don’t delay—listen to this podcast now.

    Bonus Video

    Another great episode sponsored by our friends at Infusionsoft


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