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  1. You Made It Weird #224: David Bazan « Nerdist

    I can’t help but feel about 2% responsible for this episode happening.

    I left a comment on Episode #201 on May 15th, 2014 saying something along the lines of “If you haven’t listened to David Bazan, you need to. … Super, super interesting guy who would be a great guest on YMIW”

    It’s very likely neither Pete nor KT saw that post but I’m going to go ahead and green-light myself feeling like a valuable human for once.

    Thanks for the great, free show (Free Show?) week in and week out, Pete and KT Money!


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  2. 5by5 | Back to Work #31: You Can Polish AC/DC All Day Long

    With Dan on sabbatical, Merlin is joined by John Roderick of The Long Winters to talk about life as a bull in a china closet, craving real-world constraints, making better records, and being banned for life from Interpol’s corn chip bowl.


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  3. Episode 20: Self Doubt with Merlin Mann — The Nudge

    How can we be sure that we’re on the right track? Doubt is the rust that eats away at our ability, as designers, to be confident that what we’re producing is good and worthwhile.

    In this episode Ross and Josh speak to professional speaking human Merlin Mann about overcoming or, perhaps, embracing self-doubt, to become better producers of quality work. Are we allowed to change our minds and how do we deal with the criticism that results from that?


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