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  1. Zelda

    John Siracusa returns to Pragmatic to discuss everything Zelda related, with a focus on Breath of the Wild and how so many established Zelda gameplay rules were thrown out the window with resounding success.


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  2. Upgrade #237: New iMacs, iPads, and the 2019 March Event Draft - Relay FM

    The new iMacs are here, and Jason has an exclusive interview with the iMac product manager. We also discuss the new iPads, and then Jason and Myke draft what they think will happen at next week’s Apple Event!


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  3. Remembering Edgar Froese in Echoes Podcast – Echoes

    We Remember Edgar Froese in Echoes Podcast

    Listen to the interview below or download the podcast from iTunes

    I first heard Tangerine Dream in 1974. It was the album Phaedra, and it was unlike anything I had ever heard before: no vocals, no songs, rhythms that throbbed like galactic rubber bands,


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  4. The Lady Will Have the Diet Plate | Do By Friday

    This week’s challenge: eat out late.


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  5. How did Toronto’s housing crisis get this bad? - CityNews Toronto

    The average Toronto condo rents for $2,385/month. The city’s vacancy rate of 0.5 percent is at a historic low. Apartment viewings attract hundreds of people. A recent affordable housing lottery featured almost 4,000 entrants for just 75 units. Would-be tenants are prepared to do just about anything to secure a roof over their heads, and …


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  6. Episode 33: What’s on Our Apple Watches – AppStories

    Federico and John talk about the Apple Watch apps they use and how their use of the Watch has changed as the product has evolved.


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  7. Mac Power Users #366: Catching up with Brett Terpstra - Relay FM

    Brett Terpstra is back to that about his gear, his newfound love of the Apple TV and Apple Watch, the state of Automation, Apps for Nerds, and going independent.


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  8. Mac Power Users #370: Automation with Sal Soghoian - Relay FM

    Sal Soghoian joins us to discuss the state of Mac an iOS automation. Sal discusses Automation on the Mac, the possibilities for Automation on iOS and the tools and languages available to put the power in the hands of the user.


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  9. CodeNewbie

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    Baratunde Thurston’s made a career of combining tech, comedy, and politics. From launching Comedy Hack Day to his recent role as the Daily Show’s first Supervising Producer for Digital Expansion, he’s found innovative ways to use code as a tool for satire, entertainment, and activism. In part I of our interview, he tells us why he started as a computer science major but ended with a philosophy degree instead, how he sees satirical apps as technology’s art-form, and how projects like Comedy Hack Day bring people together for a unique, and highly entertaining, coding experience.

    Show Links

    The Iron Yard (sponsor)

    Linode (sponsor)

    Comedy Hack Day

    Black Girls Code

    Cultivated Wit

    NY Tech Meetup

    Denial of Service attack

    NPR Fact Check


    Sponsored Shoutout: Linode (Saron)

    Sponsored Shoutout: The Iron Yard (Saron)

    Civic Hall Labs (Baratunde)

    USDS (Baratunde)

    Weapons of Math Destruction (Baratunde)

    Comedy Hack Day (Baratunde)

    Harvard CS50 (Baratunde)

    CodeNewbie 103 episode on algorithms (Saron)

    Baratunde’s Rails Conf Keynote (Saron)

    Well Deserved, “A premium marketplace for unused privilege” (Saron)

    Luna Malbroux’s “Laughter is the most serious weapon” (Saron)




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  10. Canvas #22: Workflow - The Basics - Relay FM

    This week Fraser and Federico begin a multi-part series on the iOS automation app Workflow.


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