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  1. ISP filtering goes ‘voluntary’ - Patch Monday - Blogs - ZDNet Australia

    Australia’s mandatory internet filter is at least two years away, but Telstra and Optus are only weeks from implementing their "voluntary" equivalents. Where are we up to with this controversial issue?


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  2. Refused Classification means what, exactly?

    Australia’s planned mandatory internet service provider level internet filter will block Refused Classification (RC) material. Communications Minister Senator Stephen Conroy says that’s "child pornography, pro-bestiality sites, pro-rape websites and material like that". But it’s actually more than that.

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  3. Senator Conroy at The Sydney Institute

    On Monday night Senator Stephen Conroy spoke at The Sydney Institute on the topic, ”Reform Unleashes Transformation.” We blogged earlier about what Senator Conroy had to say about the filter (read it here), but you can now also listen to his address here. Listen to other addresses from The Sydney Institute here.

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  4. Internet filtering with Minister for Communications Stephen Conroy

    The federal government will introduce mandatory internet filtering this year. And after recent abuse appearing on Facebook memorial sites, the government is also looking at establishing an internet ombudsman. So how far should control of the internet go for the sake of making the online world safer for children? Is it actually possible to make the internet safe?

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  5. Mark Newton on Radio Adelaide discussing Mandatory ISP Filtering

    The Government now wants to pass the legislation that would require all internet service providers (ISPs) to ban refused classification (RC) hosted on overseas servers.

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