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  1. Refused Classification means what, exactly?

    Australia’s planned mandatory internet service provider level internet filter will block Refused Classification (RC) material. Communications Minister Senator Stephen Conroy says that’s "child pornography, pro-bestiality sites, pro-rape websites and material like that". But it’s actually more than that.

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  2. Parents don’t act on cyber-safety fears

    Most Australian parents are concerned about the safety of their children online. But new research shows that parents don’t back up their concerns with meaningful actions, and that in any event they might well be concerned about the wrong risks.

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  3. Senator Conroy at The Sydney Institute

    On Monday night Senator Stephen Conroy spoke at The Sydney Institute on the topic, ”Reform Unleashes Transformation.” We blogged earlier about what Senator Conroy had to say about the filter (read it here), but you can now also listen to his address here. Listen to other addresses from The Sydney Institute here.

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  4. Internet filtering with Minister for Communications Stephen Conroy

    The federal government will introduce mandatory internet filtering this year. And after recent abuse appearing on Facebook memorial sites, the government is also looking at establishing an internet ombudsman. So how far should control of the internet go for the sake of making the online world safer for children? Is it actually possible to make the internet safe?

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  5. Interview with Colin Jacobs of Electronic Frontiers Australia Re: Australian Internet Filter

    TRYING to get all perspectives on the Internet filter regime, I’ve had the opportunity to interview another interested party regarding the proposed Australian Internet Filter, the Electronic Frontiers Australia. I spoke with Colin Jacobs of whom is representing them as Internet censorship spokesman.

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  6. Your Net Under Threat

    Earlier this year you might have heard the massive ruckus being kicked up by Australia’s online community. They were, and still are, angry about the Federal Government’s plan to bring in a compulsory internet filter, aimed at improving cyber-safety by blocking websites with criminal content. [Here it’s worth pointing out that the proposed filter does not only block "criminal content" but everything considered "Restricted Content" which has a far wider definition.]

    The Government’s released the report into the trial and say it’s all systems go – they want the filter in place by the middle of next year. Damian Smith spoke to Curtin University Internet Studies Lecturer Dr Tama Leaver on Morning Magazine.

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  7. ABC Radio National: Mandatory Internet Filter

    The Rudd Labor government made an election promise to bring in a mandatory internet filter for all Australian web users.

    The filter is part of a $125 million cyber-safety plan intended to protect children from inappropriate material on the web.

    There’s still no sign of the live trial of the technology that was due to start over a month ago, and in the meantime there’s increasing opposition to the plan.

    We hear opposing views on the merits of the internet filter.

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  8. TechWired Australia: Mark Newton Interview

    In the Interview Mark and Tech Wired Australia discuss what has happened in the past few weeks since we talked, including the expression of interest of which was released a couple of days ago. [This interview actually happened over a year ago now. Hard to believe we’re still debating this. Many thanks for your continuing hard work Mark.]

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  9. TechWired Australia

    Interview: User Submits Abortion Site as Web Filter Test

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  10. Mark Newton on Sky News Business Channel

    Discussing the proposed internet censorship legislation.

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