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  1. Filewile - Deepdownwintermix


    It’s Dustbowl & Dejot a.k.a. Filewile in the mix! This mobile laptop duo play dub infused electronica sets! In 2007 they released their album Nassau Massage on Mouthwatering Records, you need to check that out! For The New Worck Filewile made ‘Deepdownwintermix’! They were up for a smooth one! Tracklist: - Algorythm & Blues – Cute Ass Algorithm (Promo) - Stade – Reverse Charge Blues (Fav Art) - Beatspoke – Dig Deeper (Promo) - Missy Elliot & Mike Jones – Joy - Nightmares On Wax – Thaihi (Warp) - Michael Fakesch – Escalate (K7) - The Tape Vs RQM – Luvely (Promo / Mouthwatering Records) - Filewile Feat. Joy Frempong – Dogstore Bombay (Mouthwatering Records) - Jahcoozi – Flatline (Asound) - Little Dragon – Reccomendation (Peacefrog) - Burnt Friedman Feat. Barbara Panther – Machine In The Ghost (Nonplace) - Radiohead – House of Cards

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  2. DubWar Podcast 09 - Headhunter

    Futuristic dubstep with techno atmospherics. Just the right hybrid of the two styles.

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