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  1. Resilient Web Design

    By Jeremy Keith


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  2. Non Breaking Space Show #89: Wes Bos — ReactJS for Beginners - Goodstuff FM

    In this episode, Christopher Schmitt speaks with Wes Bos. Wes is a site and web applications’ Designer, Developer, Speaker, and Teacher — probably most recognizable for his online courses such as Sublime Text Power User and React For Beginners.


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  3. CTRL+CLICK CAST » We inspect the web for you.

    CTRL+CLICK CAST inspects the web for you! We proudly feature diverse voices from the industry’s leaders and innovators, who tackle everything from design, code and content management systems, to culture and business challenges. Our focused, topical discussions teach, inspire and waste no time getting to the heart of the matter. Formerly the EE Podcast, CTRL+CLICK is produced by Bright Umbrella and hosted by industry veterans Lea Alcantara and Emily Lewis.


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  4. Episode 61 – Mohammad Azam – Roundabout: Creative Chaos

    Join Tammy Coron and Tim Mitra on Episode 61, recorded on June 02, 2016.

    On this episode we talk with Mohammad Azam.

    Azam is an iOS Instructor at The Iron Yard and the mastermind behind Vegetable Tree which was featured by Apple as the best gardening app in the App Store. Azam is also active on YouTube and maintains his popular channel “AzamSharp” where he shares his iOS knowledge.

    Don’t forget to stick around for the after show!

    We hope you enjoy the show and don’t forget to send us your feedback via Twitter, Facebook, or email.

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    Show Links

    Mohammad Azam on Twitter

    Mohammad Azam on The Web

    Mohammad Azam on YouTube

    Vegetable Tree – Gardening Guide

    The Iron Yard

    Let’s put the ‘awe’ back in awesome – TED Talk

    Indie DevStock

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  5. Hired. - Wilson Miner: Design alone couldn’t save Rdio, The California Sunday Magazine

    Wilson Miner is the Director of Digital Design for The California Sunday Magazine. His career has spanned Facebook, Apple, and the now-defunct Rdio. We discuss highlights from Wilson’s career, his famous “When We Build” talk, why design alone couldn’t save Rdio’s illustrious streaming music service. (Photo by Monica Semergiu.)


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  6. Unattended Consequences

    A weekly conversation between Patrick Rothfuss (Name of the Wind) and Max Temkin (Cards Against Humanity).


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  7. Electric Shadow 35: Going Back Into Space

    There is something wrong with the opening crawl for The Force Awakens. Fan

    and typography enthusiast John Gruber and original Star Wars opening title

    sequence designer Dan Perri help unravel the mystery of where (and when)

    things went wrong.

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  8. Full Stack Radio

    A podcast for developers interested in building great software products. Every episode, Adam Wathan is joined by a guest to talk about everything from product design and user experience to unit testing and system administration.


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  9. Authentic Jobs — Responsive Web Design

    Authentic Jobs advertises open positions for web designers and developers, so it only makes sense that they would want to go responsive. Cameron Moll and Adam Spooner tell us how.


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  10. #197: The Future of WordPress and Calypso with Matt Mullenweg - The Changelog

    This week we’re joined by Matt Mullenweg, the creator of WordPress and the CEO of Automattic. We discussed the past, present, and future of WordPress. We talked about the role of JavaScript for WordPress, their new REST API, Calypso, and more.

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    Show notes and links

    Dance to Calypso

    Introducing the New WordPress.com


    The Story Behind the New WordPress.com

    State of the Word 2015


    The Year Without Pants by Scott Berkun

    Beautiful Code

    The Pragmatic Programmer

    Steve Krug – Advanced Common Sense

    Dave Winer – Scripting News

    Joel Spolsky on Software

    Scott Berkun

    George Orwell – Politics and the English Language (1946)

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