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  1. RMAF16: How to Read Between the Lines in High-end Audio Advertising

    Moderator: Brent Butterworth, brentbutterworth.com Panelists: Chris Connaker, Computer Audiophile; Michael Fremer, analogplanet.com; Jeff Merkel, Merkel Acoustic Research & Design

    This seminar will parse the words and images used in high-end audio ads and websites to help audiophiles figure out what information is reliable and important … and what can safely be ignored. Panelists will also explain when and how to go beyond the advertising to gather the buying information needed to make informed and satisfying purchases.

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwcJY-qJxQ0
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  2. Iron & Wine on Folk Music, West Virginia and Beards | West Virginia Public Broadcasting

    Singer-songwriter Sam Beam has been releasing indie folk records under the name Iron & Wine for over a decade. With his newest release, Archive Series


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