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  1. Special Event: Jony Ive at the New Yorker’s TechFest 2017

    Sir Jony Ive was interviewed by David Remick at the New Yorker’s TechFest, and we were there to record it. Check out the transcript on Appleinsider.com!

    Original video: https://soundcloud.com/appleinsider-com/special-event-jony-ive-at-the-new-yorkers-techfest-2017
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  2. audioBoom / Episode 57: Radiohead’s Philip Selway On His Score For ‘Let Me Go’

    As drummer for one of the world’s most successful, respected and critically-acclaimed bands, he’s thrilled music-lovers across the planet for a quarter of a century.

    Now Philip Selway of Radiohead…


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  3. Mike Slade Returns! Steve Jobs and Apple in the 2000s | Internet History Podcast

    From Netscape To The iPad


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  4. CHM Live │Putting Your Finger On It: Creating the iPhone

    Part 1: Original iPhone Engineers Nitin Ganatra, Scott Herz, and Hugo Fiennes in Conversation with John Markoff

    Part 2: Starts at 01:01:51 - Original iPhone Software Team Leader Scott Forstall in Conversation with John Markoff

    [Recorded June 20, 2017]

    During 2006, the year before the iPhone was introduced, it seemed that innovation in mobile devices was beginning to slip away from Silicon Valley. Wireless computing was advancing more quickly in Europe than it was in the United States. That all changed abruptly when Steve Jobs stepped onstage at Moscone Center in San Francisco and asserted he was introducing “three revolutionary products” in one package—the iPhone.

    How did iPhone come to be? On June 20, four members of the original development team will discuss the secret Apple project, which in the past decade has remade the computer industry, changed the business landscape, and become a tool in the hands of more than a billion people around the world.

    Lot number: X8247.2017 Catalog number: 102738283

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xDRdWFdsoQ
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  5. The Run Loop Episode 7: Marco Arment and Gus Mueller at WWDC

    Collin is joined by Marco Arment and Gus Mueller during WWDC to talk about conferences past and present.


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  6. Finals MVP Kevin Durant (Ep. 225)

    HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons reports live from Oakland with 2017 NBA Champion and Finals MVP Kevin Durant to discuss the initial moment right after the confetti fell in Oracle (3:30), running the pick-and-roll with Curry (12:00), the shot in Game 3 (23:00), appreciating LeBron’s journey (28:15), Curry’s high-level play in the playoffs (33:30), Kyrie’s "bag full of tricks" (34:00), Obama’s congratulatory text (43:30), the Warriors free agents this offseason (49:30), building winning habits with the Warriors (58:00), the nonsense of comparing different eras (1:04:00), Rasheed Wallace’s stretch five game (1:08:30), three-on-three in the Olympics (1:20:00), Iguodala’s big Game 5 dunk (1:25:00), and Patrick McCaw’s bright future (1:29:15).

    Original video: https://soundcloud.com/the-bill-simmons-podcast/finals-mvp-kevin-durant-ep-225
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  7. Thom Yorke Interview

    Radiohead interview. TRANSCRIPTION: n/a Broadcast date:

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fU-xw6k1NYQ
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  8. Sharing Developer Privilege at the Apple WWDC

    John Fox and Casey Liss chat about what we as white male developers can do to make the programing community more inclusive and diverse—something Michelle Obama asked of all of us on stage at #WWDC2017. - GeekSpeak Podcast for 2017-06-09


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  9. clicking here

    "You want to change your life fast? Then trade your expectation for appreciation; you’ll have a whole new life." -Tony Robbins Welcome to the second installment of The Tim Ferriss Radio Hour. After more than 200 conversations with the world’s top performers, you start to spot certain patterns.


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  10. Gsmc

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