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  1. Spark | Why Work Doesn’t Work - Interview with Jason Fried

    Ever wonder how much work you actually do in a day? There can be a lot of distractions between meetings, your manager’s questions, impromptu pot-lucks and gab fests. Some days it can feel like it’s impossible to get anything done. That’s because according to Jason Fried it IS. Jason is the co-founder of 37 Signals, a company that builds web-based collaboration tools. He’s also the co-author of the bestseller Rework – a book all about how to make work work better. Although he himself is a manager, Jason has no problem blaming workplace inefficiencies on meetings and managers. (Runs 22:49)

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  2. Back to Work #11: Johnny Heuristic - 5by5

    Merlin Mann joins Dan Benjamin to talk about futureproofing your passion by finding your obsession and voice, putting away your buggy whip and evolving, spreading your chips out across safe and risky investments, and taking smarter chances.

    iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/podcast/back-to-work/id415535037

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  3. Mark Boulton — Designing grid systems

    Grid systems have been used in print design, architecture and interior design for generations. Now, on the web, the same rules of grid system composition and usage no longer apply. Content is viewed in many ways; from RSS feeds to email. Content is viewed on many devices; from mobile phones to laptops. Users can manipulate the browser, they can remove content, resize the canvas, resize the typefaces. A designer is no longer in control of this presentation. So where do grid systems fit in to all that?


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