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  1. 033: Drafts, with Greg Pierce and Merlin Mann

    Drafts is developed by Greg Pierce and used the hell out of by Merlin Mann. They sit down together to talk direction, workflows, and what's coming next. Links:

    Drafts Merlin Mann Greg Pierce (@agiletortoise) on Twitter Merlin Mann (@hotdogsladies) on Twitter


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  2. Bullseye with Jesse Thorn: Ricky Jay & G. Bruce Boyer | Maximum Fun




    Ricky Jay


    G. Bruce Boyer

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    Photo: Jesse Thorn

    Ricky Jay on the mystery of Matthias Buchinger, calligraphy and practicing magic with an injured hand.

    Ricky Jay is a man with a particular set of skills. He is a magician, a master of sleight-of-hand, a historian, a writer, an actor and a collector of the odd and the unusual. He is also easily recognized for his performances in television and movies, including the films Magnolia, Boogie Nights and The Prestige.

    Jay is also an avid collector of rare books and manuscripts often associated with magic, gambling, fraud, confidence games and unusual entertainers. His passion for unusual performers led him to write his latest book on a peculiar 18th century German man, Matthias Buchinger, who despite being born with no hands and legs, was an extremely skilled performer and calligrapher.

    Now, Jay sits down with Jesse to talk about his discovery of Matthias Buchinger, his own theories about Buchinger's life and works, and why suffering an injury to his hand led him to an even greater appreciation of Buchinger's skill.

    Matthias Buchinger: The Great German Living is available now from Siglio Press. A corresponding show is currently on exhibit at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. It's called “Wordplay: Matthias Buchinger’s Drawings from the Collection of Ricky Jay”.

    Segment begins at 2’20”

    Comedy: Brandie Posey on the Unique Challenges of the Millenial

    Brandie Posey, co-host of Maximum Fun's podcast Lady to Lady, recently released her debut stand-up album, Opinion Cave. In this excerpt, she talks about the weird place millenials occupy in our culture (and how it feels to be one).

    Posey's album is available now via Bandcamp.

    Segment begins at 32’20”

    Photo: Rose Callahan

    G. Bruce Boyer on the difference between fashion and style, why he hates uniforms and the most essential menswear item

    G. Bruce Boyer has made the art of style his life’s work, but you shouldn't assume he's a fashionista. Instead, he's spent decades exploring and writing about what it takes to develop a sensibility around menswear.

    A former fashion editor for GQ and Esquire, he has also authored, co-authored and contributed to several books on fashion including Elegance - A Guide to Quality in Menswear and Rebel Style: Cinematic Heroes of the 1950s. His latest book is entitled, True Style: The History and Principles of of Classic Menswear.

    Boyer sat down with us to talk about the difference between fashion and style, why he's excited by the downfall of uniform dressing and the best piece to begin a men's wardrobe.

    Segment begins at 36’30”

    Photo: Liam Daniel

    The Outshot: Attack the Block

    Jesse gets past his aversion for “horror” and takes on the British sci-fi film Attack the Block, starring a pre-Star Wars John Boyega.

    Segment begins at 62’50"


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  3. 195: With Brenna O’Brien - ShopTalk


    We’re joined by Brenna O’Brien who works at TED and also helps with NodeSchool. We answer some of your questions with some of our answers before getting in to a discussion on the cost of frameworks.

    Q & A

    34:19 On hover I would like to change the fills of these icons to pure white. I’ve solved it with inline SVG but I’m curious if there’s a more elegant way to do that.

    40:05 Do I need to use a task manager when using a CMS, or are they really geared towards frameworks like Jekyll and Angular.js?

    46:16 What are in your opinion the pros and cons of javascript MVC versus server side MVC and what are typical use cases for one and the other?


    Rachel Andrew on ShopTalk Show

    Drew McLellan

    Brenna OBrien


    Brenna on CodePen

    Brenna on GitHub

    Brenna on Tumblr



    NodeSchoolTO on Twitter


    Ember Liquid Fire


    Paul Lewis – The Cost of Frameworks

    Tom Dale – Response to Cost of Frameworks


    Perch CMS Summit 32:44

    Perch CMS Summit is a virtual, live conference that celebrates the lightweight, user-friendly PHP content management system. Spend a day with the Perch CMS team to learn tips and tricks, templating ideas, Q+A with the Perch CMS team and much more. If you register now, use code SHOPTALK to get $10 off.

    Braintree 46:08

    Braintree is code for easy online payments. If you’re building a mobile app and searching for a simple payments solution, check out Braintree. The Braintree v dot zero SDK makes it easy to offer multiple mobile payment types. Start accepting PayPal, Apple Pay, Bitcoin, Venmo, cards, and more— all with a single integration.

    Braintree gives you an easy way to accept multiple payment types with one integration. Quick, knowledgeable developer support if you have any questions. Start accepting Apple Pay, PayPal, Bitcoin, Venmo, cards, and whatever’s next — all with a single integration.

    To learn more, and for your first $50,000 in transactions fee-free, click here.

    Job Mention

    Home Chef

    Standard Podcast [ 1:09:09 ] Download


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  4. Air Raid - Violinist Andrew Joslyn

    This week, Andrew Joslyn, the man behind the orchestration of acts including Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Mark Lanegan, stops by the backyard to chat about making the transition from hobby to professional and from playing clubs to playing sold out arenas around the world.

    Music Featured In This Week's Episode: Kris Orlowski, Mark Lanegan, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis


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