#194: Elixir with José Valim - The Changelog

This week we talk with José Valim about Elixir! We learned about the early days of José’s start as a programmer. José took us back to the beginning of Elixir and shared why Erlang got him so excited, we broke down features of the language, we talked about functional programming, concurrency, developing for multi-core systems, we talked about the Elixir community, the future of Phoenix, Ecto, and so much more.

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Show notes and links

José Valim (@josevalim) on Twitter

José Valim (@josevalim) on GitHub



#147: Elixir and Phoenix with Chris McCord – The Changelog

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plataformatec/devise: Flexible authentication solution for Rails with Warden.

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jashkenas (Jeremy Ashkenas)

jashkenas/coffeescript: Unfancy JavaScript

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José Valim at Strange Loop 2012 – Elixir: Modern Programming for the Erlang VM

Programming Ruby “The Pickaxe” by Dave Thomas, Chad Fowler, and Andy Hunt

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elixir-lang/ecto – Elixir

The Pragmatic Bookshelf “Productive |> Reliable |> Fast” by Chris McCord, Bruce Tate, and José Valim

Introduction – Elixir

Hero: Guy L. Steele, Jr. – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Exception tracking and logging from Elixir to Rollbar (elixir-addicts/rollbax)

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