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  1. The Longest Shortest Time

    The Longest Shortest Time






    EPISODE #60: The Accidental Gay Parents

    The second Trystan spotted John, a pink-haired guy in a black bandana, he was smitten. For a year, Trystan and John spent their weekends clubbing, partying in Vegas, and making out on the beach.

    Then, one Friday, John got a call.

    It was a social worker. She said that she’d be putting John’s sister’s two young children into foster care at the end of the weekend. Unless, of course, John took them.

    So John and Trystan got in the car and drove to the sister’s house. And John gave Trystan that two-hour drive to decide whether or not he was ready to commit to becoming a dad.

    This is this story of a couple of twenty-somethings going to court against family to become the legal guardians of two children in desperate need of a safe home. (Hint: extra hard when you are gay.) This is also a super romantic love story. Side note: Trystan is trans, which adds a whole other interesting element to the episode. Tune in to hear all of the surprising details. For now, some pictures of Trystan and John’s life with the kids:

    Toenail painting is a favorite pasttime in Trystan and John’s household

    Riley, the older child, adjusting to his new life

    Trystan and John’s wedding

    Trystan, John + the kids in their wedding shoes

    P.S. We’re going to be following up with John in a couple of episodes!

    UPDATE: John’s story is now up! Listen here.

    Resources for Raising Kids in a Nontraditional Family

    Trystan says he’s found the Facebook group Aunts and Uncles Raising Nieces and Nephews to be an invaluable resource.

    He also has enjoyed reading the blog Papa Bear, about a trans dad giving birth—something he is considering in the future.

    We asked our own LGBTQ listeners what trans-parenting resources they like, and they answer was, “Well, there’s not a lot.” We did, however, get a lot of recommendations for S. Bear Bergman’s books, especially Blood, Marriage, Wine, & Glitter. People also like the books Trans Bodies, Trans Selves by Laura Erickson-Schroth and The Argonauts by Maggie Nelson. And the website It’s Conceivable Now.

    Do YOU have a nontraditional family?

    Tell your story in the comments! Share your favorite resources! It’ll help other people feel less alone.

    Top photo: Lisa Yagoda

    Our sponsors for this episode are Thirdlove , Little Passports and Bombas. Use the promo code LONGSHORT at checkout for a special discount.

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  2. How Journaling Can Make You 25% Happier (TPS154)

    I ordered today The SELF Journal (by BestSelf Co.), Productivity Planner (by Intelligent Change Inc), Rhodia, and few small Moleskine. And here is my BIG WHY:I am huge fan of Evernote and I do journaling already more than a year, and much more than just journaling (12-week year planning, vision, goals, affirmations) – all in Evernote. But my dayjob is in a highly secure place, on different computer; I don’t want to use iPhone to write in Evernote (I feel weird). Also, I caught myself that I always try to use some piece of paper and track what I am doing and how I am spending time… already past 30 years. Even now, with Pomodoro technique. There is something after 25 minutes of Pomodoro just lock your computer, and take DIFFERENT tool (paper and pen) and mark “plus” sign for successful focus time. So that I ordered “Productivity Planner” which does exactly that. Neither “Evernote” nor Microsoft Excel could replace me that piece of paper with task-time-tracking, I used Excel for that (per-minute tracking) but if you do per-minute it is easy to get distracted and forget to put “stop time” correctly; with Pomodoro better: exactly 20 minutes, no distractions allowed. (BTW I use Pomodoro application on my Garmin 230 watch, amazing!)Of course I’ll continue to use Evernote too, and DayOne is good for just random writings of your thoughts.Would be nice to review audio applications: how to do audio notes on the go, how to deal with this audio “inbox” in GTD terms.Side note: I do not use Evernote for affirmations anymore: instead, I do it LOUDLY while running early in the morning! And here are two most important: “I enjoy life!”, “By day and by night I am being prospered in all of my interests”. Say it, feel it, feel strong emotions while saying it, open the doors of your subconscious, say other important affirmations too! (the doors are open!)Thank you for the inspiration!

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  3. Old 1uo yours

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  4. #13 Love is Lies

    A woman starts dating again at 60 after her marriage falls apart. We follow her into a world of millionaire import/export moguls and fifteen-year old internet scammers.


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  5. Episode 1 — David McCreath

    Original video:
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  6. FREQCast: Star Trek Discovery Recap FREQCast 1: Episodes 1 and 2

    Anita is pulling double podcast duty this week, and this time, she’s got Ebony in on the action to discuss Star Trek Discovery. This first episode digs into what they love about Star Trek (and what they don’t). Listen in as Anita and Ebony talk about the first two episodes of the new series, “The Vulcan Hello” and “Battle at the Binary Stars" as they attempt to wrestle with Starfleet’s mission of exploration, the draw of a woman of color in command, and why Ebony will be paying close attention to Lt. Burnham’s hair over the course of the season.

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  7. TeeVee | Star Trek: Discovery S1E1 Review: “The Vulcan Hello” (Episode 301)

    Hello, humans! A new Star Trek series has appeared and in this episode we review the one hour premiere of “Star Trek: Discovery.” We discuss the comportment of bridge officers, the “Star Trek: Shenzhou” prequel series we never saw, the appearance of the Star Trek Sound Effects pack, why Vulcans are kind of jerks, and the validity of using small caps in your caption font. And much, much more!

    (Note: This episode only contains spoilers for the very first hour of “Star Trek: Discovery.” In fact, we made a point of recording it immediately after viewing. In our next episode we’ll discuss the second hour.)

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  8. Reconcilable Differences #58

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  9. You 2.0: The Value Of ‘Deep Work’ In An Age Of Distraction : NPR

    Every time you give in to the buzzing notifications of our phone or computer, you pay a price: little by little, you lose your ability to focus.

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  10. Classic Showbiz with Kliph Nesteroff Chapter 4: Far Out

    Psychedelics have long been associated with the music of the Sixties, but seldom mentioned is its influence on stand-up comedy from Lord Buckley to George Carlin, The Smothers Brothers to Richard Pryor.

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