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  1. The 1952 Texans with Rhett Miller

    Lead singer of the band Old 97’s, Rhett Miller, wanted to know more about how his grandfather ended up owning the 1952 Dallas Texans—the worst football team in NFL history. But in making this documentary, and through interviews with his father and uncles, Rhett learns far more about his own family history.

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  2. Reconcilable Differences #34

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  3. 160: Supine Podcasting with John Roderick

    Lex Friedman joins Brett for the relaunch of Systematic on ESN. Electric

    car envy, podcasting, and 3 top picks (times two, of course), all in the

    30-minute format we decided to try out.

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  4. Rebel FM : Rebel FM Episode 283 - 02/05/2016

    This week we’re back with all the games we didn’t get to talk about last week, and we’ve got special guest James Faulkner of IGN period COM to help. We cover The Witness, Subterfuge, The Division, Twofold Inc, Final Fantasy Explorers, Street Fighter V, Bombshell, Unravel and more!

    This week’s music, in order of appearance: 

    Savages - The Answer; 

    Daughter - Numbers

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  5. 5by5 | DLC #111: All-Star PAX South LIVE Extravaganza!

    Jeff and Christian are joined by the most stellar line-up of video game personalities LIVE on-stage at PAX South, including Adam Sessler from X-Play, Scott Kutrz from Table Titans, James Stevenson from Insomniac Games, and Anthony Carboni from Rev3 Games.

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  6. #0026: This Is Haughey Do It

    The evolution of MetaFilter: this week Paul Ford and Rich Ziade talk to Matt Haughey, the founder of MetaFilter, the collection of sites and communities that Paul describes as “one of the real success stories of the web.” The conversation covers Matt’s early career at Pyra Labs, the accessibility of digital technologies, his current job as a writer for Slack, and how if you spend enough time publishing online, you’ll inevitably attract the attention of two groups — trolls and lawyers.

    Original video:
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  7. Americans Don’t Trust Her. But Why?

    A Clinton with a trust problem. We’ve seen that before. It was 1992, and doubts about Bill Clinton’s integrity, stoked by his marital infidelities and avoidance of the Vietnam War, were the biggest threat to his presidential campaign. Stanley Greenberg, a top Democratic campaign strategist, devised a secret plan to turn around the candidate’s reputation for dishonesty.

    In the latest episode of The Run-Up, we talked to Mr. Greenberg about how Mr. Clinton pulled it off, and what lessons it holds for his wife, Hillary, whose image problems as a truth-shader today are even greater than her husband’s were in the 1990s, surveys show. As of the latest New York Times poll, 67 percent of registered voters have doubts about her trustworthiness.

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  8. GitHub Issues & mental health

    GitHub Issues & mental health

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  9. #213: ZEIT, HyperTerm, and now with Guillermo Rauch - Changelog

    This week Adam went solo and talked with Guillermo Rauch about how he got into programming, how that lead him to what he’s doing now at ZEIT, the design of HyperTerm, now, and so much more.

    Download: MP3 Audio

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    Toptal – Take control of your career and join the best at Toptal. Email Adam at for a personal introduction to our friends at Toptal.

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    ElixirConf 2016 – We’re betting big on Elixir and this is THE conference to be at in the Elixir world. Join José Valim, Chris McCord, Sonny Scroggin, James Edward Gray, Bruce Tate, Eric Meadows-Jönnson, and many more for a vacation-style conference, with world-class training!

    Show notes and links




    LearnBoost on GitHub


    Pure UI by Guillermo Rauch

    ZEIT (@zeithq) on Twitter

    ZEIT on GitHub

    GitHub search for “hyperterm” – Free Global DNS

    Hero: Leslie Lamport on Wikipedia

    React Storybook: Isolate your React UI Component development from the main app (Slack Channel)

    Have comments? Send a tweet to @Changelog on Twitter.Subscribe to Changelog Weekly – our weekly email covering everything that hits our open source radar.

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  10. Song Exploder | BoJack Horseman

    Patrick Carney of The Black Keys, with his uncle Ralph Carney, breaks down the main title theme to the Netflix series BoJack Horseman.


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