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  1. So … Let’s Talk About So


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  2. NPR: Forget ‘Good Times,’ David Sedaris Is Far More Interested In ‘Bad Behavior’


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  3. Episode 74: Fixing John’s Mixed Up, Messed Up, Broken Home Screen – AppStories

    John is joined by Alex Cox in an attempt to fix his messy iPhone screens.


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  4. Episode 75: I Set Up a Fake Child – AppStories

    John is joined by Merlin Mann to discuss managing family tech use and the upcoming iOS 12 Screen Time family features.


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  5. The Trust Engineers | Radiolab | WNYC Studios

    How a tiny group of social engineers are making our online relationships kindler and gentler, whether we like it or not. 


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  6. FFR #36 Bonus: More Pose Talk, and Being a Feminist Media Critic in a Changing World

    In this week’s bonus segment, we continue our conversations about Pose from the main episode for a bit, asking how the characters get the materials for all their amazing outfits, and how Elektra manages to look so perfect all the time. Then, we talk about how the media landscape is changing, and…

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  7. FFR #37 Bonus: “White Dudes” and the Opportunism of Twitter Detractors

    In this week’s bonus, Anita recalls an encounter she had this weekend after appearing on a panel at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival in which a white man claimed to be offended by her use of the term "white dudes," an encounter that led to more drama when opportunistic detractors pounced on…

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  8. Femfreq bonus

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  9. Earn Yr Death (All)

    Original video: https://soundcloud.com/earnyrdeath
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  10. S05E01 State Management with Taras Mankovski, Tim Dorr, Michel Weststrate, and Charles Lowell

    S05E01 State Management with Taras Mankovski, Tim Dorr, Michel Weststrate, and Charles Lowell

    February 8, 2018

    In this Modern Web Podcast This Dot Labs CTO, Taras Mankovski @tarasm, discusses State Management with guests…

    Charles Lowell @cowboyd (Frontside),

    Michel Weststrate @mweststrate (Mobx),

    and Tim Dorr @timdorr (React, Redux Router) 

    Topics covered:

    • MobX tracking changes in objects- Redux changes to accommodate async rendering in React- Best practices around batch operations in Redux- Immer.js


    To learn more visit www.thisdot.co

    Follow us on Twitter @moderndotweb


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