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  1. 036 – Bending History with Jason Snell & Brett Terpstra | PreservationState

    PreservationState 36

    Snell | Terpstra

    iPhone 6(+) / iOS 8 / WATCH / iCloud (drive) / etc.

    Brett gets Fired up about tech?? Really?

    iOS 8.0.1 – WTF, Apple? on the heals of the U2 scandal!!!

    The jobs we had. The jobs we are?

    It’s not our fathers’ time

    MacWorld (Obviously)

    Mr. Snell’s shiny new website:



    SixColors on Twitter @bleedsixcolors

    [Upgrade] (http://relay.fm/upgrade) Podcast

    The Incomparable Radio Network

    The Incomparable Podcast on 5by5

    Brett Breaking News!

    Marked 3 for the WATCH

    Follow on @ttscoff Listen on Overtired

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