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Teenage Zombies

by Panoply Media

published on 2015/05/27 00:26:40 +0000

The health podcast from WBUR and Slate explores three ways in which the adolescent mind is radically different from yours and mine. With hosts Carey Goldberg and Rachel Zimmerman of WBUR’s CommonHealth blog.

Do you beg your teenager to go to sleep earlier so he or she can function in the morning? Well, it turns out they physically can't do that, explains Marvin Wang, a pediatrician at Massachusetts General Hospital, who’s on a mission to make middle and high schools start later in the day.

Also, why adolescent brain development is the culprit behind so much bad (and sometimes law-breaking) decision-making and reckless behavior. And, a sex therapist talks about how Internet porn can sabotage a teenager’s ability to have a normal romantic relationship.

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