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  1. ALLCRAFT #53 - What we think about Battle for Azeroth ft. PreachGaming, Asmongold, Hotted & Rich

    Azerite Related website: In this episode of Allcraft, Asmongold, Mike Preach Gaming, Hotted & Rich go over their thoughts about the current state of the game in World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth. What do you think about the newest expansion so far? Let us know! Enjoyed the Video? Subscribe here!:

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  2. Talking All Things Keto with Ellenie Georgiou E27 guest Jes

    Every week through Instagram Live I ask a different guest the same 10 questions to share all the different ways people do Keto.

    When it comes to the Ketogenic diet there is not one set protocol for everyone to get results.

    For this weeks’ episode of TALKING ALL THINGS KETO I’m talking with Jes from @we.go.keto

    Not only is she the sweetest, cutest thing going around Instagram but she’s achieved AMAZING results and has lost 30kg / 66lbs and has some great advice on how to shape your keto experience.

    I apologize for the not so perfect quality in certain parts of this video although Instagram didn't save the file so I had to get creative and find another way to download it.

    TALKING ALL THINGS KETO What got you started? What’s your keto philosophy? What’s your experience and philosophy around tracking & counting calories? What’s your biggest challenge around Keto? Do you have planned cheat days, Carb ups, etc.? What’s your experience of fasting and fat & egg fasts? Where do you stand on sweeteners? What do you do if you go off track or to break a plateau? What’s some of your favorite NSV -Non Scale Victories? What are your tips for anyone starting?

    You can follow me at: https://www.faceboo

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