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  1. What Alcohol Does to Your Body, Brain & Health | Huberman Lab Podcast #86

    In this episode, I discuss the physiological effects that drinking alcohol has on the brain and body at different levels of consumption and over time. I also describe genetic differences that predispose certain individuals to alcoholism, binge and habit-drinking. I explain alcohol metabolism in simple terms and how it effectively acts as a poison, leading to cellular stress and damage. I then explain that it impacts neuronal function and changes our thinking and behavior – hallmarks of inebriation. I also discuss how alcohol consumption of different amounts impacts inflammation, stress, neurodegeneration, and cancer risk and negatively impacts the gut microbiome, brain thickness, hormone balance, mood and feelings of motivation. Additionally, I discuss the biology of hangovers and describe science-based strategies to mitigate the severity of a hangover. Since alcohol is one of the most widely consumed recreational substances, this episode ought to be of relevance to everyone. Indeed, even low-to-moderate alcohol consumption negatively impacts the brain and body in direct ways. The goal of this episode is to help people make informed decisions about their alcohol consumption that are in keeping with their mental and physical health goals.

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  2. #1003 - Gender Ideologies, Feminism, and the Catholic Church: Dr. Abigail Favale - Theology in the raw

    Abigail has a fascinating story! Conservartive evangelical turned Christian feminist, turned third wave post-modern (practailly agnostic) feminist, turned catholic wife and mother–all while being a robust scholar of gender theory and theolgoy. We talk about all things related to gender, feminism (all 3 waves), transgender ideologies, the Catholic Church, and everything in-between.  Abigail Favale, Ph.D.,… Read more »

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