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  1. The Ethics of Awesomeness | Philosophy Talk

    Well indeed. I detect a chill.My way and wishes aren’t half as interesting as yours and Riggle’s. If I understand you, the issue is semantic bleaching (SB) and a halcyon good old day that has lost all sense of awe. If I understand Riggle, there is a new term in town called awesome who celebrates humanity at every opportunity.Bleaching is a technical term that I honestly don’t understand too well but can be measured using n-grams. The transition that you are talking about is SB. Awfully bad becomes awfully nice over time, changing from modifier to an intensifier. I don’t want to get too deep into it but to say that this is real and measurable with natural language modeling and linear algebra.If I were to do this analysis, I agree that awesome has transitioned from modifying the Grand Canyon to intensifying the taste of candy. I haven’t done that analysis and don’t have the talent. I have looked at the n-gram for ‘awesome,’ however, and its usage has considerably increased in the last two decades, tagging closely with the term’ sucks.’ Using Google’s n-gram viewer or Microsofts, the word ‘excellent’ has a more gradual slope and is perhaps intensifying.Nick Riggle, who is a better thinker than I am, without doubt, isn’t using vector space to make his case, and neither are you. Instead, he appeals to our common sense and uses anecdotes, not unlike yours of the mid-level boom crutching ‘um’ user. Riggle and your friend’s usage are not intensifying but somewhat different ideas altogether. ‘No worries’ or ‘no problem’ and ‘um,’ for that matter, are particles of pause for social politeness.Riggle is defining a whole new significance to awesome and suckiness. Again, I’m just taking this in myself, but when I look to the n-gram viewer for these terms… there does seem to be something to it—namely social openings between groups of Americans who generally don’t treat each other all too well.This social engagement is awesome, and not my way but Riggle’s. I prefer wack with my coffee, mescaline, or drug of choice. Regardless of how good the old days were for me, the new day is different and ever-changing. I want to enjoy that drink with some reflection but not too much reverence for lost meaning. There isn’t any.

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  2. Welche Stimmen fehlten in der Berichterstattung über “Liebig 34”? | Übermedien

    Der neue Übermedien-Podcast, Folge 2: Holger Klein spricht mit Pia Stendera über das geräumte Haus in Berlin-Friedrichshain, die Stimmung in der Nachbarschaft und die Schieflage der Berichterstattung.

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  3. Fritz-Bauer-Institut gegründet (am 11.1.1995) - WDR ZeitZeichen - WDR Audiothek - Mediathek - WDR

    "Holocaust-Leugner hat es immer gegeben, aber sie werden immer lauter," zu dieser erschreckenden Analyse kommt die Historikerin Sybille Steinbacher, Leiterin des Frankfurter Fritz Bauer Instituts. 50 Jahre nach der Befreiung der nationalsozialistischen Konzentrations- und Vernichtungslager wurde es mit dem Auftrag gegründet, die Geschichte der nationalsozialistischen Massenverbrechen und deren Wirkung bis heute zu erforschen. Autor: Ulrich Biermann

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