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  1. Episode 114: Craig Federighi: The AppStories Interview

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  2. Die Zerstörung der CDU

    Die Europawahl bzw EU-Wahl steht vor der Tür. Ob CDU, SPD oder AfD gute Parteien sind, die im Einklang mit Wissenschaft und Logik stehen, versuche ich in diesem Video zu beantworten. In jedem Fall: Geht wählen am nächsten Wochenende. Sonst entscheiden Rentner über eure Zukunft und geil ist das nicht.

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  3. Thailands König: Rama X. wird gekrönt |

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  4. Was dürfen Medien nicht berichten?

    Zwei Jahre durfte der Spiegel seine Titelgeschichte zu den Football Leaks nicht online stellen. Obwohl es um Millionenbetrug ging entschied man gegen das öffentliche Interesse. Im Interview, T. Gostomzyk (TU Dortmund).

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  5. Sexist or soothing? Why your device has a female voice

    Reporter/Producer: @gdj_r

    Rivet delivers personalized audio news to your smartphone. Download the free app! iPhone: Android: Kindle Fire:

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  6. Daniel Bouhs » Blog Archive » #Landesverrat-Diskussion zum Nachhören

    Daniel Bouhs ist Journalist für Print, Funk, TV in Berlin. Er berichtet über Medien, Digitales, Netzpolitik und Sportpolitik.

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  7. Responsive

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  8. Mac Power Users #264: Workflows with John Gruber - Relay FM

    Katie and David sit down with John Gruber of Daring Fireball to discuss the origins of his site, how he finds and publishes the news and how he uses his Mac and iOS.

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  9. Freisprech14

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  10. 147: With Tom Dale - ShopTalk

    147: With Tom Dale

    December 22nd, 2014



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    This week we’re joined by Tom Dale. Tom is a former Apple software engineer who worked on MobileMe and iCloud. He also helped create Ember.js and co-founded with Yehuda Katz.

    We took a deep dive into Ember.js, Javascript frameworks, and working with open source projects.

    We talked about (roughly in order):

    Q & A:

    16:24 I’m not so experienced with JavaScript, so I really don’t quite understand the potential benefits from using a JavaScript Front End Framework. Could you describe it with your own words and give some examples for real-world use cases?

    25:45 I’m thinking about learning a JavaScript framework. So far I’ve been recommended to look into Angular and Ember. Which one is better?

    58:07 How did you get started in open source software? What’s the best advice you have for encouraging others to get started as well, namely designers, writers, etc?


    24:28 E4H: Responsive Web Design Summit – Environments for Humans brings together some of the Web’s most notable experts in responsive web design and web performance for an all-new, three-day online conference, the RWD Summit 2015! Bring the experts to your desktop March 10-March 12, 2015 from 9AM to 4PM (CT)

    Now that the growth of the mobile Web has outpaced the desktop, Web designers and developers are at a crossroads. The race to keep up with every new device dimension and interface could easily dwarf the pain of dealing with browser quirks, but only if we let it! Take a day to discover the newest Responsive Web Design techniques and change the way you build the Web.

    Use coupon code SHOPTALK for 20% off your ticket!

    54:21 – The best online learning resource. New courses are posted every single day.

    Check out some super great courses like:

    Audio & Music Production

    Logic Pro X

    InDesign Typography with Nigel French

    Writing for the Web with Chris Nodder

    Selling on the Amazon Marketplace with Peter Kent

    And so much more! Learn everything you need to know to be a great developer! Get a free 10 day trial now!

    Show Links:

    Tom Dale

    Tom Dale on Twitter


    Yehuda Katz


    Ember Inspecter Extension



    Brandon Hays – Tame the Big Ball o’ Mud

    The Frontside Podcast

    Why there’s no Rails Inc. – DHH

    Dan Webb

    New Relic

    If you’re enjoying our show, please take a minute to leave us a review in iTunes. We really appreciate it, and thanks to everyone who has already left a review!

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