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  1. Instapaper Founder Marco Arment On The App Economy : Planet Money : NPR

    Instapaper is a little app that started out as a side project. Now it’s a thriving one-man business. We talk to Marco Arment, Instapaper’s founder and sole employee, about the app economy.

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    Greg Storey joins Dan Benjamin to discuss being an entrepreneur, running a business, design, development, consulting, pricing work, working with local and remote teams, being true to yourself, and more.

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  3. The Conversation #22: The Secret Sauce

    Dan Benjamin talks with Matt Tanase of Slicehost and DevStructure. They discuss creating demand for a product and your business, marketing on a budget, building an audience, getting your users to help market for you, the importance of a co-founder, acquisitions, and more.

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  4. The Pipeline 18: Gary Vaynerchuk | 5 by 5

    Dan Benjamin interviews Gary Vaynerchuk. They discuss Gary’s inspiration and drive, his new book, how his life and business have changed, and where he’s headed.

    Gary is a wine expert, host of Wine Library TV, and co-founder of VaynerMedia. He has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, GQ, and Time magazine, appeared on Ellen, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, and a handful of other national shows. Gary has changed the way many people think of individual branding and business building with his New York Times and Amazon best seller, Crush It, which encourages people to find what makes them happy and pursue a living at it on the the internet using “sweat equity” rather than capital.

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