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  1. Crony Beliefs

    For as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled to make sense of the terrifying gulf that separates the inside and outside views of beliefs.

    From the inside, via introspection, each of us feels that our beliefs are pretty damn sensible. Sure we might harbor a bit of doubt here and there. But for the most part, we imagine we have a firm grip on reality; we don’t lie awake at night fearing that we’re massively deluded.

    But when we consider the beliefs of other people? It’s an epistemic shit show out there. Astrology, conspiracies, the healing power of crystals. Aliens who abduct Earthlings and build pyramids. That vaccines cause autism or that Obama is a crypto-Muslim — or that the world was formed some 6,000 years ago, replete with fossils made to look millions of years old. How could anyone believe this stuff?!

    No, seriously: how?

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  2. Ian McEwan: Machines Like Me - The Long Now

    Ian McEwan is the author of Enduring Love (1997), Amsterdam (1998; Booker Prize), Atonement (2001), Saturday (2005), The Children Act (2014), and others. Twelve movies have been made from his novels and short stories, five of them with screenplays by McEwan.

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    In his new novel, Machines Like Me, Ian McEwan uses science fiction and counter-factual history to speculate about the coming of artificial intelligence and its effect on human relations. The opening page introduces a pivotal character, "Sir Alan Turing, war hero and presiding genius of the digital age.”

    The evening with McEwan will feature conversation with Stewart Brand, based on written questions from the audience, along with some readings.

    Ian McEwan is the author of Enduring Love (1997), Amsterdam (1998; Booker Prize), Atonement (2001), Saturday (2005), The Children Act (2014), and others. Twelve movies have been made from his novels and short stories, five of them with screenplays by McEwan.

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  3. EARTH: The Cement Ban | Flash Forward

    Today we travel to a future where we try to break up with cement. Can it be done? How did cement because so ubiquitous? And what’s so bad about cement in the first place?

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  4. CM 133: Rob Walker on the Art of Noticing

    How can paying more attention to the world around us increase our engagement and creativity?

    Most of us are fighting a daily tug-of-war with distraction – from phone alerts to streaming video to open office plans. Yet, when it comes to what we can do about it, we’re mainly encouraged to manage our tech and prioritize productivity.

    Rob Walker offers a different goal, along with a very different set of solutions. Author of the book, The Art of Noticing: 131 Ways to Spark Creativity, Find Inspiration, and Discover Joy in the Everyday, he contends that our lives become richer when we engage more fully with the world around us. In fact, he reveals what most creatives already know, namely, that paying attention to the everyday can refuel us: “It’s kind of just a basic building block of having a distinct point of view or creating something new or coming up with an innovation of almost any kind.”

    In this interview, Rob shares practices we can use to become more observant and more connected. One example involves taking a moment to notice which phase the moon is in: “Most people have no idea, which is kind of astonishing, because there was a time when everyone on the planet knew what phase the moon was in.”

    Rob is a columnist for Life Hacker and contributor to The New York Times, The Atlantic, The Boston Globe, and Bloomberg Businessweek. He’s also author of the books, Buying In and Significant Objects, and he serves on the faculty at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan.

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  5. Game of Thrones series finale predictions: who lives and who dies - Vox

    Who will take the Iron Throne? Will the Iron Throne still exist? Will Jon kill Daenerys? Or will Arya kill Daenerys? Will Tyrion survive? Where does Sansa end up? With just one episode left, Vox staffers weigh in on what they think will happen — and what they’d like to see.

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  6. What is a Design System? – Inc. – Medium

    Defining what a Design System is and what it means for an organization can be tricky. In this post, we’ll take the conversation of Design Systems past style guides and component libraries and get into breaking down silos between development and design.

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  7. Julia Galef: Soldiers and Scouts: Why our minds weren’t built for truth, and how we can change that - The Long Now

    An expert on rationality, judgement, and strategy, Julia Galef notes that "our capacity for reason evolved to serve two very different purposes that are often at odds with each other. On the one hand, reason helps us figure out what’s true; on the other hand, it also helps us defend ideas that are false-but-strategically-useful. I’ll explore these two different modes of thought — I call them “the scout” and “the soldier” — and what determines which mode we default to. Finally, I’ll argue that modern humans would be better off with more scout mode and less soldier mode, and I’ll share some thoughts on how to make that happen.”

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  8. Presentable #62: Design Systems Are for People - Relay FM

    Special guest and design system expert Jina Anne. She’s spent 15 years designing for companies like Apple, Salesforce, and Amazon. Today, we discuss how the state of the art in design systems is being driven by a community of dedicated "hybrids."

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  9. TMO Background Mode Interview with Planetary Scientist Dr. Pascal Lee, Part II - The Mac Observer

    On his Background Mode podcast, the Mac Observer’s John Martellaro interviews planetary scientist Dr. Pascal Lee in Part II.

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  10. Brendan Dawes ‘Working at the intersection of People, Objects & Technology.’ - This is HCD

    We’re at Pixel Pioneers in Belfast today.

    A conference that has been going for two years.

    It was a fantastic day.

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