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  1. Box Office Bombs

    Ellen E Jones and Mark Kermode explore big budget flops, from Ishtar to Cats.

    Ishtar – writer and director Elaine May’s huge budget comedy starring Warren Beatty and Dustin Hoffman – was released in May 1987. The film, about a pair of incompetent singer-songwriters who become entangled in a CIA plot in north Africa, tanked at the box office and ultimately put paid to May’s directing career. In the process the word Ishtar became a joke - that title alone symbolising Hollywood hubris at its worst. But, as May put it, "If all the people who hate Ishtar had seen it, I would be a rich woman."

    Thirty five years on, Mark asks culture critic Lindsay Zoladz and comedian and director Richard Ayoade whether Ishtar is ripe for reappraisal.

    And Ellen draws up a set of rules to help Hollywood studio bosses avoid box office bombs in 2022, running them past Film Stories founder Simon Brew and Hollywood super-producer Lynda Obst.

    Also, controversial director Gaspar Noe shares his Viewing Notes.

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  2. Hoaxes, fakes and pranks

    Ellen E Jones and Mark Kermode explore hoaxes, fakes and pranks on screen for April Fool’s Day.

    Mark is joined by documentarian Morgan Neville and Anna Bogutskaya for a deep dive into Orson Welles’ 1973 docudrama about forgers and fakery, F for Fake.

    And Ellen looks back at small screen hoaxes, from the 1970s sci-fi mockumentary Alternative 3 to the terrifying BBC1 Halloween drama Ghostwatch via a sprinkling of Noel’s House Party, with the help of writers David Ambrose and Mark Gatiss.

    Also, critic and filmmaker Mark Cousins shares his Viewing Notes.

    Screenshot is Radio 4’s guide through the ever-expanding universe of the moving image. Every episode, Ellen E Jones and Mark Kermode journey through the main streets and back roads connecting film, television and streaming over the last hundred years.

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  3. Boiling Point and the one-take film

    The adrenaline-inducing film Boiling Point is out in cinemas and online. Shot in a single take on a single night at a London restaurant, the movie has inspired Ellen and Mark to take a closer look at one-shot films and those that appear to be. What does the one-shot do for a movie? Is it any more than showing off?

    Boiling Point stars Stephen Graham as an under-pressure chef whose life is unravelling over a busy night in the restaurant. Ellen talks to director Philip Barantini, himself a former chef, about his decision to film the feature as a “oner” and the pressures that caused.

    On the front page of the script for 1917 Sam Mendes had written, "This is envisioned as a single shot,". Mark speaks to legendary cinematographer Roger Deakin about how he realised the director’s vision for the First World War epic.

    And, fresh from her victory at the British Independent Film Awards, Boiling Point star Vinette Robinson shares what she’s been watching in Viewing Notes.

    Screenshot is Radio 4’s guide through the ever-expanding universe of the moving image. Every episode, Ellen E Jones and Mark Kermode journey through the main streets and back roads connecting film, television and streaming over the last hundred years.

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  4. 520: Conferences, Search Engines, Anonymity, CSS, :Has, and the Future with Eric Meyer and Jeffrey Zeldman - ShopTalk

    Eric Meyer and Jeffrey Zeldman join Chris and Dave to talk about building the web in 2022, micro formats and search engines, looking back on their work in building the web, anonymity and branding, the new possibilities with :has, performance gains in CSS, and the future of the web.

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  5. Rolling in the Barrel

    Grounded - Rolling in the Barrel 15th June 22

    This show is all about folk and traditional music old and new. There’s a lot of great music of this type in Ireland atthe moment, and some of it is hightlighted - Cormac Begley, Lankum, Cinder Well, Niamh Ní Charra, John Francis Flynn. There’s tales of the legendary folk singer who didn’t like the sound of her voice, a man who wrote an album about UFOs and then mysteriously disappeared in the 70s, and a box a tapes recorded by a father and rediscovered and reworked by a son. Freak folk, American ragas, modern indie folk from John Fahey, Robbie Basho, M. Ward, Katherine Priddy, Doran, Anne Briggs, Sylvie, Jim Sullivan.

    Original video:
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  6. #54 – The Incredibles – Settling the Score

    Jon and Andy catch each other monologuing about Michael Giacchino’s score for the 2004 Pixar superhero movie The Incredibles! How did Giacchino become one of Hollywood’s go-to composers? What cultural influences wind up shaken and stirred into his music? And, how big of a dork was Jon when he had a chance to ask Giacchino a question?

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  7. #039 Anab Jain - Curating the Future by On The Edge

    In this conversation I connected with Anab Jain who is a designer, futurist, filmmaker and educator.

    As Co-founder and Director of Superflux - the multi-award winning design agency - they translate future uncertainty into present day choices

    Over the last 15 years, Anab has gained international recognition for her work and commentary on design, innovation, emerging technologies and complex futures. She is the recipient of many, many awards.

    She has delivered talks and keynotes at several conferences including TED, MIT Media Lab and MOMA’s to name but three.

    In addition, Anab was appointed Professor at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna in 2016, where she leads the Design Investigations (ID2) Program.

    In this conversation we talked about how and why we think about the future is all wrong. In particular we talked about:

    1. Who or what gives you hope for the future?

    2. How do you translate future uncertainty into present day choices?

    3. What is human exceptionalism, and why are you calling time on it?

    So I started out by asking her, why do you not like to make predictions about the future? Enjoy!

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