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  1. Thursday AMA Premium Video

    0:00 - Thursday AMA (11/09/23)✔️ 0:25 - AMA Starts 0:32 - Market update 1:58 - Wen bottom? 4:12 - Risk levels? 5:47 - Wen bottom(p2)? 8:36 - Capital rotation? 9:36 - Being too deterministic? 15:22 - Cold showers vs Alts? 16:13 - BTC/M2? 16:22 - Credit event? 16:53 - ETF priced in? 17:52 - DCAing risk levels? 18:15 - BTC.D? 19:13 - Allocations? 19:35 - TV charts? 20:18 - PhD & investing? 20:26 - BTC.D(p2)? 21:04 - Secondary scare? 21:55 - DCAing risk levels(p2)? 22:48 - TOTAL3 BMSB? 23:05 - We, you, me & Alts? 26:58 - Recession? 28:19 - Mini bull run? 28:26 - $20k BTC? 28:50 - Wen top? 29:32 - 2007? 29:42 - BTC.D(p3)? 30:15 - Market cycle scenarios? 31:01 - Taking on more risk? 31:28 - DCAing risk levels(p3)? 32:47 - Wen/Wich Alts? 33:35 - BTC.D(p4)? 33:58 - Yellen vs The Fed? 34:07 - Wealth creation mode? 34:51 - Risk metric? 35:42 - TV charts(p2)? 36:06 - DCA vs Lump sum? 37:26 - Allocations(p2)? 38:00 - This rally? 39:10 - KRE/Banks? 40:10 - Wen/Wich Alts(p2)? 41:22 - Log🌈Reg? 42:39 - Recession(p2)? 42:57 - Allocations(p3)? 43:19 - ETH/BTC? 43:53 - 1/2 up, 1/2 down? 44:26 - BTC🔀Alts examples? 46:28 - Recession(p3)? 46:47 - OTHERS.D? 49:20 - Recession(p4)? 49:26 - Bob Lucas? 50:24 - Wen/Wich Alts(p3)? 50:40 - ITC Premium💫 51:14 - Allocations(p4)? 51:37 - Allocations(p5)? 51:4…

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  2. What Works on Wallstreet Podcast with Jim O’Shaughnessy, “Factors from Scratch: A look back, and forward, at how, when, and why factors work”. | O’Shaughnessy Asset Management

    What Works on Wallstreet Podcast with Jim O’Shaughnessy, “Factors from Scratch: A look back, and forward, at how, when, and why factors work”.

    September 2018

    Listen to this discussion on "Factors from Scratch: A look back, and forward, at how, when, and why factors work" with OSAM's Chairman and CIO Jim O'Shaughnessy, and Director of Research Chris Meredith, CFA.

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    Pioneering cancer researcher Dr. Thomas Seyfried argues that we’ve taken a massive wrong turn in cancer exploration by ignoring the true metabolic basis of cancer. Dr. Seyfried cites the work of Nobel Prize-winning biochemist Otto Warburg, who identified the Warburg Effect in the 1930s. Featured in a recent NY Times article entitled “An Old Idea Revived: Starve Cancer to Death,” Dr. Seyfried argues that depriving cancer cells of glucose and glutamine, their prime metabolic fuels, offers a non-toxic way of curbing cancer growth. This can be achieved, in part, via a ketogenic diet, in conjunction with certain blocking drugs. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) provides an ideal accompaniment to the diet. What precisely does a true ketogenic diet consist of (Hint: It’s not Atkins!)? How can patients following the diet monitor whether they are achieving true ketosis? What role does the Charlie Foundation ( play in supporting patients following ketogenic diets? What new research is Dr. Seyfried pursuing? Why has the Cancer Establishment been slow in accepting this paradigm? Click HERE for part 2.

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    featured product

    PhytoGuard taps the benefits of phyto-(plant) nutrients now associated with prevention of degenerative conditions, cancer and heart disease. PhytoGuard is richly endowed with a high potency extract of green tea, whose polyphenols are now extensively researched for their cancer-blocking potential. Indoles from broccoli extract have specific chemopreventive activity. Curcumin has a broad range of applications in cancer prevention and modulation of inflammatory disorders. Quercetin supplies biflavonoid activity. Tomato-derived lycopene completes PhytoGuard's rich roster of protective nutrients.

    Now 20% off regular price!


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  5. Transition: David Sparks on Transition, Travel and the Apple Watch - BTTDL110 - Beyond the To Do List

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    David Sparks is an Orange County, California business attorney, geek, podcaster on the Mac Power Users podcast, blogger, and author who writes about finding the best tools, hardware, and workflows for using Apple products to get work done. David also writes for Macworld magazine and speaks about technology.

    David has appeared on the show one before.

    Mentioned in this episode:

    Apple Watch

    HooToo – Travel Router



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